• How B Vitamins can help Pilots with COSMIC RADIATION

    Cosmic Radiation has had an impact on air crew. In 1994 the FAA recognized this and recommended that aviation professionals, pilots and cabin crew, be informed about the exposure and health risks. There are several factors that influence exposure and the main ones are duration of flight and latitude. A research study explains how your diet, especially vitamin B3, can play an important role in protecting against ionizing radiation. Listen to full episode and the links mentioned will be down below.

    Supplements (use code FITAV10 for 10% discount): https://designsforsport.com/collections/retail

    Research Study: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/british-journal-of-nutrition/article/high-dietary-niacin-intake-is-associated-with-decreased-chromosome-translocation-frequency-in-airline-pilots/D69D0AB9C39BFFC04B5BB55A67BFFDFC


    Cosmic Radiation PDF: https://www.ifalpa.org/media/3467/19hupbl01-aircrews-and-ionizing-radiation.pdf

    FAA Radiation PDF:https://www.faa.gov/data_research/research/med_humanfacs/oamtechreports/2000s/media/0316.pdf

    FAA CARI 6 Program: https://www.faa.gov/data_research/research/med_humanfacs/aeromedical/radiobiology/cari6m

    Supplements Manufacturer Certifications:


    CDC Article:


    24m | May 10, 2023
  • Layover Fitbrief: Managing Circadian Rhythm

    FATIGUE is one of a pilot's greatest threats. Most aviation trainings educate on Circadian Rhythm based on "time frames" of different hormone secretion (Cortisol and Melatonin). However, what isn't often mentioned, and studies have shown, is that cells also have a biological clock based on "time frames" of insulin levels. The combinations of these hormonal and cellular circadian rhythms play a huge role on FATIGUE mitigation. On this 4 day trip, my wake ups start during the first window of circadian low (WOCL). I talk about how I manage to get past that groggy feeling with a morning routine, and also when I eat and consume caffeine. Layovers are in Mexico City, Raleigh, and Guayaquil.


    28m | Apr 11, 2023
  • What Can Happen if You Don't Declare Your Food at Customs

    What foods can you bring into the United States from abroad? That really depends on a few things; port of entry, what destination you are coming from, and what season it is. On today's episode, I got to speak with Charron Byndloss, a Customs Border and Protection (CBP) Agriculture Advisor with over 15 years of experience in various roles within the CBP. Charron shares great information about the process and importance of declaring agricultural items when returning to the USA. You don't want to have to pay a fine for not declaring your items, and don't be afraid to declare. This episode is full of great information for the next time you travel internationally. Due to the dynamic world we live in, procedures for agriculture entry change on a regular basis. You can stay up to date with the link below.


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    42m | Apr 1, 2023
  • Layover Fitbrief: Managing Health and Fitness with minimum Exercising

    My layovers as a pilot are a balance of health prioritization and having fun. This 4 day trip consists of all international layovers which make it more challenging to carry your meal prep. However, there's always a way to maintain your health and fitness, so I share how I did for those 4 days. Of course there are many ways to stay fit on the road. Many factors depend on how much exercise you have done on your days off before the trip starts. Managing your energy is more important than the exercise pump when you have to be at the controls of an aircraft. Each layover is different and it requires you to be creative with how you will balance your layover life and your health.

    20m | Mar 18, 2023
  • Tevin Wooten: Behind the Scenes of a Meteorologist Lifestyle

    Tevin Wooten might just possibly be Taylor Swift's favorite meteorologist after the sensational weather report given on NBC 10 Boston using words from her new album "Midnights" that relate to weather. In fact, the video was so good, that Mario Lopez give it a shoutout on Access Hollywood (link to video below). Aside from his creative ways of analyzing and reporting weather at "The Weather Channel" and now currently at NBC 10 Boston, he is passionate about spreading knowledge and contributing to the greater good. He shares with us his lifestyle, and let me tell you, that sometimes it's more spontaneous than being called for a trip on reserve. It was really cool getting to know the behind the scenes of reporting in different types of weather conditions. With all that being said, Tevin shares with us how staying on top of his fitness and nutrition is an integral part of his life in and out of the studio.

    You can find Tevin on all social media by @tevinwooten

    Video Link: https://www.nbcboston.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/taylor-swift-midnights-weather-forecast/2869617/


    55m | Mar 6, 2023
  • Will Poustchi: The Aviation Health Coach

    Will is an airline pilot in Canada that devotes the majority of his time off the aircraft in helping other aviation professionals achieve their health and fitness goals. Will has a variety of fitness and nutrition certifications by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and has also competed in professional body building. As airline pilots and fitness coaches we share great insight on the mindset aspect of overcoming the challenges on health in aviation. Another great genuine and informative episode. Enjoy!

    56m | Feb 14, 2023
  • Andrew Dacosta: Life as Pilot In and Out of the Airline Uniform

    Airline pilots have an identity that extends beyond manipulating the controls of an aircraft. Andrew Dacosta is a airline pilot of a major US airline that shares the daily life of an airline pilot when at work, at home, and traveling for leisure. Some of you may know him across social media as @pilot.drew. Today, Andrew shares with us more of his lifestyle, goals, health and fitness as a pilot, the set backs, and accomplishments in aviation.

    You can find Andrew's instagram @pilot.drew

    1h 34m | Feb 1, 2023
  • Maggie Olczyk : Airline Pilot and Founder of Avi-Foods

    Significant events are so powerful that they can lead you to a specific path, and that path is navigated by the actions you take. Airline pilots have a range of between 12-16 days off per month on average, and during that time certain pilots dedicate time to their business. Avi- Foods is a healthy granola that pilots love to take on their trips. Maggie takes us through her journey on why she started it and also the role of health and fitness in her life. You can find out more about Maggie and Avi Foods with these links:

    Avi-Foods Website


    Avi- Foods Instagram


    56m | Jan 9, 2023
  • Layover FitBrief: Georgetown, Guyana

    Welcome to the Layover Fitbrief! These are post trip debriefs on how I manage fitness and nutrition on certain trips. I also talk about fun travel and aircraft facts from things that happen during the trip. These layovers are in JFK and GEO with a 5am call from crew scheduling. This episode takes you from how I managed health and fitness for all 4 days. Also, my first time flying into South America as a pilot.

    24m | Dec 22, 2022
  • Pilot Fitness: The True Purpose of ABS

    A pilot with abs? It's not as uncommon as you'd think! There are many pilots and flight and attendants out there with strong cores! The true purpose of your abs is not about the aesthetics. It's the Stability between your Upper and Lower body and your Spine. Exercising your core in all planes with various movements can prevent tweaks, and injuries. More importantly, provides stability for posture and efficient movement of the limbs. In this episode you'll learn:

    Importance of a strong core

    Science of muscle movement and imbalances

    Where to place your abs routine in your program

    Different cores exercises to target core movement in all planes of motion

    The role of other exercise modalities for your core

    41m | Dec 5, 2022
  • Airline Captain Tom: Health Longevity in a 30+ Year Career

    Airline Captain, Tom shares his lifestyle as a Boeing 787 Captain and how he maintains optimal health during long haul flights, at home, and over 30+ year career. At 60 years old, Tom shares knowledge and experience to make health part of your lifestyle in a fun entertaining way in aviation. Topics talked about include

    Long haul flying

    Circadian rhythm

    Resistance training, flexibility, and cardiovascular training

    Aviation trends, lifestyle, and much more!

    55m | Oct 28, 2022
  • Meal Prep for Airline Crew

    After 5+ years of meal prepping for all my trips, I share answers to most commonly asked questions by other crewmembers. Even though, the right way of meal prepping is the way that best fits your lifestyle, here are some tips and tricks on how to make your food last you up to a 4 day trip! I share methods of cooking, packing, and what foods last the longest. This even benefits when you take leisure trips and want to eat healthy while you travel.

    43m | Oct 19, 2022
  • Motivation vs Discipline in Aviation

    Motivation has been one of the most spoken words in the recent years. However, it has influenced one of the most misleading meanings in regards to achieving a goal. But if it's not motivation that gets you to achieve it, then what is it? Discipline? And does one affect the other? This episode covers just that, and a deeper meaning that leads to wanted or unwanted behavior. Your actions highly depend on the meaning behind it, and thus shapes your overall behavior towards that goal.

    25m | Oct 3, 2022
  • Back Pain Relief Techniques, Hurricanes, and Viral Flight Attendant Video

    Shocked by the recent video of a flight attendant getting hit by a passenger, Fernando talks about human behavior and the recent effects it's had on airline crews. On the topic of airline crews, Fernando shares some relief techniques if you are experiencing asymmetric lower back pain.

    32m | Sep 26, 2022
  • Pilot's Best Source of Food While Flying

    What do pilots eat while flying? Well it's certainly not enough healthy FATS. In this episode, I share some basic knowledge on metabolism and what macronutrient metabolizes more efficiently while sitting and flying. It's important to also emphasize that a balanced diet will most likely bring more benefits than one that's not. Of course, by taking into consideration the quantity and quality of the foods you are consuming. A more strict diet should be consulted with a registered dietitian or nutritionist.

    20m | Sep 5, 2022
  • Pietro Marsala: The First Pilot to Obtain an Insulin Dependent First Class Medical

    On today's episode we get to know the story of Pietro Marsala and how he became the first pilot to receive a First Class Medical with the use of insulin. Pietro's dream of becoming an airline pilot were crushed when he got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 21, while being a flight instructor. However, after years of his determination along with the great help of Dr. DeVoll (FAA Deputy Flight Surgeon at the time) lead him to achieving his dreams of becoming an airline pilot. As of 2019, it's official to obtain an insulin dependent First Class Medical, all thanks to their time and effort. However, that was just the first step, on the podcast, we discuss the importance of nutrition and exercise in the airlines and how greatly that impacts Diabetes. An amazing story.


    51m | Aug 24, 2022
  • Ricky Rodriguez: Coming full circle with Family in Aviation, Coast Guard and Basketball.

    Ricky Rodriguez is today's guest on the podcast! Ricky and Fernando are long time friends who's friendship began with their fathers knowing each other in aviation in Venezuela. Both raised in a family of pilots, they now live the dream of being pilot's themselves and sharing their passion with their family. Ricky's path to aviation comes full circle as he is now a Coast Guard Aircraft Commander on the HC-144B. Ricky also shares how he balanced Coast Guard Academy, and his Basketball career!

    1h 11m | Jul 19, 2022
  • Jessica Pimentel: Balancing Health, Fitness, and Fun in Aviation

    Fernando and his girlfriend Jessica share view points, tips, and mindset of balancing health and fitness in aviation. Jessica has a background in kinesiology in which she majored in California State Northridge and shares her experience from before becoming cabin crew and how she adapted to the aviation lifestyle to maintain health in the top of her priority list. Fernando and Jessica also share their hiking Eurotrip experience earlier this month. They describe and share how they made their trip healthy, fun, and cost effective with their lifestyle. It's truly ON-THE-GO with these two during a leisure trip.

    1h 9m | Jun 23, 2022
  • Airfare: The Plane Healthy Food

    Fernando interviews the founders of Airfare Pouch, a snacking company that's created a positive impact by assembling custom pouches that carry some seriously healthy snacks for travelers. In this episode we learn how Airfare started, what it is now, and the great people that work behind the scenes. Not only do we get to learn about the concept airfare, but also how it has created a positive impact in the aviation industry for crewmembers. Without a doubt Justin and Geremy are two enthusiastic owners of a great company that serves the greater good!

    51m | Jun 6, 2022
  • Ben Falk: Airline Captain taking on his next fitness challenge and how he's doing it!

    On today's show Fernando features airline captain and sim instructor Ben Falk who is on a new journey of taking his fitness to the next level. Growing up as an athlete he has taken habits and molded them to maintain his fitness as part of his routine in the airlines. Even though previous habits of fitness were developed, they talk about how it's still very challenging to transition those habits into the aviation industry. Ben shares with is some of his techniques, describes the fitness process he is in, and shares tips on how he's made it work for him.


    27m | May 12, 2022
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