Facing Fate

Welcome to Facing Fate, an anthological audio fiction actual play podcast. What does that mean outside of being amazing alliteration? It means when you subscribe to Facing Fate, you will find 2 – 10 episode seasons every year in the Facing Fate feed. Each season will take you through a different setting, different genre, and different characters going through thrilling, exhilarating and maybe hilarious collaborative stories.


Season 2 Preview
Show Details6min 16s
Luna Corp - Day 07 Pt. 02 [SEASON FINALE]
Show Details31min 41s
Luna Corp - Day 07 Pt. 01
Show Details42min 54s
Luna Corp - Day 06 Pt. 02
Show Details36min 12s
Luna Corp - Day 06 Pt. 01
Show Details47min 54s
Luna Corp - Day 05 Pt. 02
Show Details46min 12s
Luna Corp - Day 05 Pt. 01
Show Details43min 37s
Luna Corp - Day 04
Show Details38min 43s
Luna Corp - Day 03
Show Details51min 53s
Luna Corp - Day 02
Show Details42min 26s
Luna Corp - Day 01
Show Details19min 56s
Welcome to Facing Fate
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