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A Better Way

Are you a busy mompreneur who wants to maximize results, minimize stress, and reclaim your time? Do you find yourself wondering why it is so hard and thinking there has to be a better way? Join Courtney and Danielle - moms, MBAs, and entrepreneurs - as they share tangible tips and tricks that will help you optimize all things work, wellness, and motherhood. 


Ep. 45 - How to build your personal brand at work with Kimberly Gerber
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Ep. 44 - Why You Need to Be Networking with Ashley Langer
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Ep. 43 - How to Go From Surviving to Thriving in Motherhood with Dr. Nicole Pensak
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Ep. 42 - How To Master Your Client Discovery Calls with Danielle
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Ep. 41 - The One FREE Thing You Can Do To Grow Your Business Right Now with Courtney
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Ep. 40 - Book Review: Atomic Habits
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Ep. 39 - We Aren't Meant To Do This Alone with Courtney
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Ep. 38 - Life Update with Danielle
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Ep. 37 - Mastering Your Financial Mindset with Aimee LaLiberte
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Ep. 36 - What Do You Want to Start/Stop/Continue in 2022?
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Ep 35 - How to Find Your Entrepreneurial Edge with Nida Leard
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Ep. 34 - Finding More Joy in Your Journey with Maggie Koch
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Ep. 33 - Creating A Positive Work Culture with Courtney & Danielle
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Ep. 32 - Why Everyone In The Service Industry Hates Life Right Now with Courtney & Danielle
Show Details42min 27s
Ep. 31 - How to Optimize Your Business Through Systems & Processes with Anne Hill
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Anne is the founder of Hilltop Virtual Solutions, an agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs automate and improve their systems so they can spend more time in their zone of genius. Guided by her passion for helping people improve their quality of life, Anne started out her career in the Physical Therapy field working with patients. She quickly realized how much of a correlation there was between the health of a person and the health of a business and eventually went on to lead the operations side of the practice. Today, she helps business owners improve their quality of life by streamlining the way they run their company. 

Join Courtney as she chats with Anne about:

  • The best time-saving tools for entrepreneurs
  • How to free-up your time from operational tasks, even if you are the only one working in your business
  • How to hire and train team members so you can spend more time in your zone of genius
  • The importance of taking time to build a roadmap for your business to ensure both short-term and long-term success

Connect with Anne: 

Website: https://hilltopvirtualsolutions.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annehill/

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54min 31s
Published Dec 1, 2021 at 10:30am
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Ep. 2: How to Fuel Yourself For Success
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Ep. 1: Being a Working Mom During The Pandemic
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Welcome to A Better Way
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