Ep. 45 - How to build your personal brand at work with Kimberly Gerber

39m | May 4, 2022

Kimberly is the Founder and CEO of Excelerate, a firm specializing in executive strategy and communication. With over 30 years experience leading organizations like Starbucks toward growth, Kimberly coaches individuals on how to elevate their presence, finesse their communication and strengthen their impact on their teams and organizations.

Join Courtney and Kimberly as they discuss:

  • The importance of building a personal brand, not a billboard 
  • Why building your personal brand involves getting clear on the work you DON’T want to do 
  • What talent-based branding is and how to go about developing your own
  • What to do if your personal brand isn’t a match for the team or environment you’re in

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