Ep. 29 - Building a Mission-based Business through Network Marketing with Jennifer Schwomeyer

45m | Nov 17, 2021

Jennifer Schwomeyer is a physical therapist, momma of 3 and a health warrior. Her mission is to help educate others, especially busy families, on the importance of eating more fruits and veggies with the Juice Plus company. Having seen the difference healthy eating and exercise has made in her own family’s life, she’s on a mission to help others live healthier, more fulfilled lives and achieve optimal fitness.

Join Danielle as she talks with Jennifer about: 

  • How Jennifer started a thriving business through network marketing, including the goal setting practices that have led to her success
  • Why relationships are a primary focus of Jennifer’s business strategy 
  • How to drop the perfectionism that plagues so many of us choose joy instead
  • How to use time blocking to prioritize your own needs while raising kids and growing a business

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