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Ruwando Podcast: Psychology For Men with Brains and Balls

Practical philosophy and psychology. Archetypal Masculinity. Relationships & dating. Some esoteric stuff too. With Ruwan Meepagala and various guests.


161 - Transgressive Polarity: Skillful Violation & When It's Ok for Love to "Hurt"
Show Details33min 37s
160 - The Virtue of Openness: Attracting vs. Repulsing What You Want
Show Details31min
159 - How to Fight with Your Partner
Show Details58min 50s
158 - On "Manifestation": How to Desire without Attachment Outcome
Show Details38min 6s
157 - Arthur Kwon Lee: Masculine Romanticism, Martyrdom in the Arts
Show Details1hr 28min
156 - The Superperimeter: How to Get Your Needs Met Without Violating Polarity
Show Details27min 53s
155 - Head of Household: How Contain The Feminine
Show Details28min 37s
154 - Slaying Your Demons: A General Semantics Approach to Sanity
Show Details45min 41s
153 - Fear of the Feminine in Men and Women feat. Nalaya Chakana
Show Details59min 58s
152 - Ken Blackman: 7 Stages of Expression
Show Details51min 53s
151 - On Boyhood Wounds: Love, Power, Expression
Show Details1hr 35min
150 - Steve Mayeda: On Fatherhood
Show Details1hr 10min
149 - Mac Lethal: How to Rekindle the Flame in Relationship
Show Details1hr 13min
148 - How to Help Her Into Her Feminine
Show Details1hr 46min
The Winner Effect [History of Man Podcast, Ep 0 teaser]
Show Details56s
Poor Genghis... [History of Man Podcast teaser]
Show Details1min 16s
147 - Escorting the Soul: On the Anima, Creative Unconscious
Show Details1hr 32min
146 - MindWar: On Influencing & Unifying Realities
Show Details1hr 15min
145 - Danger and Mortality: On Living "Raw", Unfilitered
Show Details50min 29s
144 - Humane Stoicism: How to Resist Taming
Show Details1hr
143 - The Myth of Identity: On Resetting Who You "Are"
Show Details1hr 8min
142 - Do What Thou Wilt: The Virtue of Selfishness
Show Details57min 10s
141 - Five Stages of Male Psyche: Slave to King myth, Red Pill, Nietzsche Metamorphoses
Show Details1hr 51min
140 - Slave to King: Nice Guy Transformation feat. Patrick H.
Show Details54min 10s
139 - Semantics & Sanity: How To Know What's "True" (Pt2)
Show Details1hr 43min
138 - Semantic Consciousness: Abstraction Intelligence & How Language Creates Reality (Pt1)
Show Details1hr 19min
137 - Achieving Escape Velocity: How to Leave Old 'Normal' Behind
Show Details1hr 12min
136 - Depths of the Collective Unconscious feat. James Kalupson
Show Details1hr 8min
135 - High Polarity Relationship Principles
Show Details1hr 21min
134 - Advice to My 23 Year Old Self feat. Noelfry
Show Details51min 30s
133 - Ultimate Fulfillment & Welcoming Death
Show Details1hr 2min
132 - Enter the Dog Brain: Emotional-Territorial Consciousness, Status, Hierarchy, Inclusion Deservedness
Show Details1hr 32min
131 - Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Relationship Dilemmas feat. Jeff B.
Show Details40min 29s
130 - Inner and Outer Games feat. Miiska Van Renterghem
Show Details1hr 1min
129 - Language Games feat. Patrick P.
Show Details1hr 6min
128 - Dark Night of the Soul: How to Realign with the Unconscious
Show Details1hr 42min
127 - Unify Your Household: How To Maintain Harmony and Polarity in Relationship
Show Details17min 41s
126 - The Virtue of Curiosity: How To Win The Inner Game
Show Details31min 41s
125 - How To Get Good at Telling The Truth
Show Details17min 37s
124 - Beyond Good and Evil Morality: How to Own Your Reality feat. Noelfry
Show Details53min 40s
123 - Why I've Stopped Using 'Vulnerability'
Show Details19min
122 - Body Language and Trauma Release: What Determines How You Look
Show Details1hr 4min
121 - Beyond Attachment Theory: Why Men Need to Pull Away
Show Details10min 54s
120 - The Fool Archetype: Welcoming Chaos
Show Details1hr 23min
119 - Orpheus Archetype: How to Integrate Your Romantic Side (without being cringe 😬)
Show Details21min 30s
118 - Why Humor is Important For the Human Mating Ritual
Show Details22min 58s
117 - Taboo Stuff: Overcoming Compulsive Thinking, Archetypes, Cortisol, feat. Tim Jack
Show Details1hr 22min
116 - Physiological Toughness: Conquer Your Inner Weakness
Show Details1hr 5min
115 - How to be Masculine While in Love (Don't Lose Yourself in a Relationship)
Show Details25min 56s
114 - Lambs and Eagles: Nietzsche on Nobility, Master vs Slave Morality, Conquer Your Inner Weakness
Show Details1hr 28min
113 - Getting Off on Every Stroke (Existential Kink)
Show Details56min 30s
112 - On Polarity: How to Get Her Into Her Feminine
Show Details1hr 1min
111 - The Virtue of Obsession: Move From Mediocrity To Eminence
Show Details1hr 4min
110 - Target Panic: How to Overcome Fear of Success, Self-Sabotage feat. Andy D.
Show Details55min 56s
109 - 5 1/2 Guiding Principles for a Man's Life: My Personal Moral Code for Life Decisions
Show Details53min 34s
108 - On Dominant Realities feat. Noelfry
Show Details51min 7s
107 - How to Release Regret
Show Details1hr 4min
106 - How to Be Attractive to Women (While "Being Yourself")
Show Details1hr 14min
105 - Dark Masculine 2: Freeing the Beast
Show Details1hr 17min
104 - On the Lover and Dark Feminine feat. Noelfry
Show Details46min 37s
103 - The Magician Archetype
Show Details1hr 38min
102 - Integrating Dark Masculine in Heart Connection feat. Miiska Van Renterghem
Show Details1hr 5min
101 - Dr. Cam Sepah: Dopamine Fasting, Maximus
Show Details1hr 3min
The Road of Trials: How to Transform During Hard Times
Show Details1hr 8min
100 - Nalaya Chakana: On Making Love, Co-Variant Polarity
Show Details40min 40s
Solving the Ambition/Acceptance Dilemma
Show Details43min 44s
How to Overcome Apathy
Show Details18min 42s
How to Alchemize Frustration (Arousal Control Technique)
Show Details15min 18s
Independent Frames
Show Details15min 11s
First Kill: Slaughtering a Chicken, True Nature, and Responsibility
Show Details21min 39s
099 Mollie McGlocklin: Sleep is a Skill
Show Details1hr 9min
Lover Archetype: How to be Emotional Without Losing Polarity
Show Details1hr 36min
How to Deal with Women's Anger
Show Details23min 33s
098 Jack Donovan: The Way of Men
Show Details1hr
Gnosis: Creating From No-Mindedness
Show Details47min 46s
On Loving Fearlessly
Show Details10min 8s
Sexual Shadow: Integrating Darkside, Overcoming Madonna-Whore Complex, Bringing the Beast to the Bedroom
Show Details1hr 29min
097 Christian Graugart (BJJ Globetrotter)
Show Details53min 17s
Steel Sharpens Steel: On Male Bonding, Warrior Ethos in Daily Life, Men's Groups
Show Details1hr 6min
096 Sarah Steel (Let's Talk About Sects): Cult Psychology
Show Details59min 3s
Warrior Archetype
Show Details1hr 6min
Why Commitment is a Masculine Virtue
Show Details9min 42s
Going Out On Your Shield: Embracing Failure
Show Details10min 11s
Avatar State: Balancing the 4 Elements (Neurotransmitters)
Show Details50min 58s
Dominance Hierarchies
Show Details1hr 10min
Changing Your Filter on Reality
Show Details1hr 16min
095 Craig Parkin: Experiencing Wealth
Show Details1hr 12min
Breaking Social Construction of Reality
Show Details51min 58s
094 Nicole Brenny: Psychomagic
Show Details58min 28s
Overcoming Cyclical Depression, Suicidal Impulses
Show Details14min 27s
093 Anish Patel: Feminine Cleanse
Show Details47min 10s
Self-Validation & Assigning Meaning to Goals
Show Details16min 10s
092 Nalaya Chakana: Daring to Love, Conscious Celibacy
Show Details1hr 12min
091 Dr. Harrison Schultz: On Anarchy, Deviance, and The Left
Show Details59min 12s
Father Nature, King Archetype
Show Details55min 57s
090 Victoria Redbard: New Paradigm Intimacy
Show Details46min 43s
The Unshakable Abundance Reality
Show Details1hr 8min
Antidotes to Nice Guy Syndrome
Show Details1hr 28min
088 Michael Pariser: Nice Guy Hero's Journey
Show Details1hr 16min
089 Laurie Handlers & Om Rupani: Tantra Meets BDSM
Show Details1hr 3min
087 Jeremy Lipkowitz: Rewiring the Mind, Addiction, Mindfulness
Show Details56min 49s
Dark Masculine: How To Overcome Sexual Shame
Show Details2hr 1min
Overcoming Compulsive Behavior: Porn Addiction, "Laziness", etc.
Show Details1hr 25min
Reality Dominance
Show Details1hr 31min
086 Ivan Zoric: Mixed Movement Arts
Show Details49min 5s
085 Mantak Chia: MultiOrgasmic Man, Universal Healing Tao
Show Details40min 42s
084 John Gray: Beyond Mars and Venus, Hormones, Polarity
Show Details1hr 8min
083 Marc Lewis, Ph.D.: The Biology of Desire
Show Details1hr 1min
082 Carolyn Elliott: Existential Kink
Show Details1hr 9min
Rick & Morty & Archetypal Masculinity
Show Details44min 35s
Prometheus Rising: 4 Neural Circuits of Consciousness
Show Details1hr 52min
Why Amoebas Wiggle: The Role of the Ego and Unifying the Unconscious
Show Details1hr 2min
081 Lt. Col. Dave Grossman: On Combat, On Killing
Show Details1hr 35min
080 Dr. Steve G. Jones: Is Astral Projection a Thing?
Show Details59min 49s
Father Wound & Secondary Father
Show Details1hr 6min
079 Brett Jones: StrongFirst, Kettlebell Training
Show Details1hr 7min
Medusa & the Son of Swords: Overcoming the Dark Feminine/Mother Complex
Show Details1hr 28min
Completing Psychological Adolescence
Show Details59min 50s
078 Matt Bowden: Adventures with Drugs and Manifestation
Show Details1hr 16min
Infinite Play: Coming of Age in the Matriarchal Cult of Orgasm
Show Details6min 20s
077 Om Rupani: Masculine Resilience
Show Details53min 13s
Cult Psychology Principles and Tactics
Show Details1hr 3min
Follow Your Passion and the Money Will Follow Is Not the Full Story
Show Details2min 21s
Colossus vs. Wolverine: 2 Strategies on Experiencing Emotions
Show Details4min 53s
When Kali Trampled Shiva: A Parable for Men About Difficult Women
Show Details14min 16s
076 Jordan Luke Collier: Subjective vs. Objective Beauty
Show Details1hr 14min
Drive Your Own Bus: On"Self-Love" and Filtering Reality Properly
Show Details44min 3s
The Virtue of Male Aggression
Show Details13min 23s
The Devils Inside Us: How Sexual Archetypes Help Individuation
Show Details13min 41s
075 Christina Berkley: Orgasm, Money, Potatoes
Show Details59min 12s
Reshaping Emotional Patterns, Trauma
Show Details48min 51s
074 Matt Cone: The Abundance Model
Show Details37min 43s
073 Iain Armstrong: Taoism and Kung Fu
Show Details1hr 3min
Alchemy of the Psyche: Anima & Animus in Intimacy and Creative Expression
Show Details45min 48s
Individuation vs. Collective Unconscious
Show Details1hr 6min
Sex Transmutation, Explained
Show Details45min 5s
On Fearing Beauty, How to Handle Involuntary Response
Show Details22min 46s
Your Personal Development is a Genre of Entertainment
Show Details26min 41s
Hacking Synchronicity:
Show Details49min 3s
072 Leslie Selene: Witchcraft and Initiation
Show Details58min 10s
071 Melanie Curtain: Dear Men, Sex Research
Show Details52min 10s
On Dating Multiple Women, Open Relationships, and Growth as a Dude
Show Details48min 15s
How Emotions Affect Arousal Response: Between Couples & For Individuals
Show Details9min 56s
Before you try 'Jelquing'... Truth About 'Male Enhancement'
Show Details6min 3s
Finding Direction, Psychogenic Sexual Dysfunctions, Penetrating Sensual Plane, Reality Dominance
Show Details34min 47s
070 Summer Engman & Micah Rodrigues: Devotion in Relationship
Show Details58min 29s
My 2nd Year in the Matriarchal Sex Cult
Show Details1hr 48min
The Vulnerability Trap: How to Recognize Real Openness
Show Details7min 32s
069 Solla Pizzuto: Taoist Sexual Secrets
Show Details1hr 16min
My First Year in a Matriarchal Sex Cult
Show Details58min 20s
Masculinity and Failure: How Men Should Use Hardship
Show Details12min 4s
068 Karen Lorre: Chronic Pleasure
Show Details57min 35s
Hacking Abundance: How Giving Actually Creates More
Show Details3min 27s
067 Olive Persimmon: The Coitus Chronicles
Show Details1hr 1min
Bottoming: When Feminine-style Influence Masculine Power
Show Details2min 8s
066 Jacqueline Buckingham: Huge Pussy Life
Show Details47min 39s
Feminine Emotional Realities, Mother Complexes
Show Details35min 22s
Dating Your Partner's Archetypes
Show Details5min 19s
065 Brianda Agramonte: Super Trip Talk
Show Details48min 30s
Joker movie, Incels/MGTOW, Masculine Pain, Status/Dominance
Show Details31min 53s
How to Handle Women's Emotional Reality
Show Details5min 1s
064 Frank Mondeose: Spiritual Playboy
Show Details55min 44s
Sexual Shame, NoFap pros & cons, Arousal Control into Self Expression
Show Details31min 22s
063 Guy Shahar: Tantra Speed Date
Show Details51min 27s
Paying for Women, Text Game, Sexual Performance Mindset, Sexual Shame
Show Details30min 29s
062 Brittnee Bond: Cape Town Adventures
Show Details51min
Puer Aeternus: Evolving Beyond The Infinite Child
Show Details11min 18s
061 Jordan Luke Collier: Ars Amorata
Show Details1hr 13min
On Topping, Bottoming, Being Felt
Show Details9min 26s
060 Brittnee Bond: From Cult to Community Builder
Show Details51min 11s
059 Richard Peard: Confidence Culture feat. viz: Aron
Show Details1hr 11min
058 Practical Taoism & Masculinity feat. MJ Fitzpatrick, Aron
Show Details1hr 12min
057 Multi-Orgasmic Man: Johnathan White and Will Blunderfield
Show Details48min 41s
056 Dark Archetypes and Jungian Psychology feat. Tim Jack
Show Details1hr 14min
055 Ken Blackman: Penetrating Powerful Women and Stuff
Show Details56min 15s
054 Om Rupani: Conscious Dominance & Male Leadership
Show Details1hr 7min
053 Elliott Hulse: Masculine Initiation
Show Details1hr 1min
052 Dr. Robert Glover: Nice Guy Syndrome, Archetypal Masculinity
Show Details1hr 10min
051 Hans Comyn: Seduction, Honor, Creation of Beauty
Show Details53min 17s
050 Devotion, Bali, Night Kings feat. Summer Engman
Show Details49min 53s
049 Spiritual Death feat. Devin Ashmiel Divine
Show Details47min 26s
048 Steve Mayeda
Show Details1hr 5min
047 Cycle and Sexual Wellbeing feat. Iris Josephina
Show Details57min 44s
046 Sex and Happiness feat. Laurie Handlers
Show Details59min 35s
045 Senergetic BDSM feat. Lord Vesper
Show Details55min 55s
044 The Male Hero’s Journey feat. Joe Ducard
Show Details57min 6s
043 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience feat. Ashmiel (@devindivine333)
Show Details43min 18s
041 Status Signal and Terror Sweat feat. Joseph Teskey
Show Details1hr 2min
040 Mind Control feat. Joseph Crown
Show Details1hr 16min
039 Pain and the Hero's Journey feat. Tim Jack
Show Details1hr 4min
038 Zan Perrion: The Art of Beauty
Show Details1hr 1min
037 Marc Carlin: Hypnotic State
Show Details1hr 3min
035 Attraction Training: the "Darker" parts of the female psyche
Show Details58min 56s
034 David Lion: The Two Hero's Journeys
Show Details43min 44s
032 Dr. Charles Ryan: The Virility Paradox, the Influence of Testosterone on Bodies and Minds
Show Details1hr 2min
031 Q&A Feat. Tim Jack
Show Details1hr 17min
030 Consensual Dominance & Masculinity Feat. Om Rupani
Show Details49min 23s
029 Joseph Teskey: Attachment Theory
Show Details54min 27s
028 A General Theory of Love, book discussion
Show Details55min 33s
027 How to be a Life Coach feat. Tim Jack
Show Details55min 33s
026 Om Rupani: X Magic
Show Details46min 33s
025 Anders Wallace: Masculine Subcultures
Show Details42min 10s
-12 Harrison Schultz: An Activist's Life
Show Details1hr 10min
-11 Nicole Brenny: Sex on Meditation
Show Details1hr
024 Rachael Maddox: Sex After Trauma
Show Details48min 34s
023 Layne Cornell: Bipolar and Alive
Show Details1hr 8min
021 Gavin Robert McGowen: Dry Fasting & Interstellar Blends
Show Details1hr 7min
022 Gavin Robert McGowen: Shadowbanning
Show Details1hr 8min
-10 Neal Goldsmith: Psychedelic Healing
Show Details1hr 44min
020 Chris Bale: Masculine Intent
Show Details53min 1s
018 Carlotta Mastrojanni: Modern Medicine Woman
Show Details49min 18s
017 Summer Engman: Taking the Leap
Show Details53min 48s
-09 Michael Ellsberg: Creative Madness, Manic Depression
Show Details1hr 14min
014 Nikki Armytage-Foy: Electric Woman
Show Details46min 50s
013 Maria Pirone: Are Psychic Abilities a Thing?
Show Details1hr 1min
012 Dan Doty: Full Spectrum Masculinity
Show Details58min 18s
011 Mark "Chirp" Herm: Spiritual Dilemmas
Show Details1hr 3min
010 Om Rupani: When "Social Justice" Increases Permission to Hate
Show Details53min 37s
009 Frank Perri: Hypnosis & Mind Control
Show Details58min 26s
008 Benjamin Smythe: Dissolving Duality
Show Details47min 59s
007 Saint Woo: Are Spirits a Thing?
Show Details1hr 1min
-08 Alexander Heyne: Modern Health Monk
Show Details54min 39s
006 Chantel Quick: Backwards Feminism
Show Details35min 45s
-07 Blake Eastman: Nonverbal Communication
Show Details50min 52s
-06 Glenn Pearce: Picking up Women
Show Details47min 56s
005 Bez Stone: Styles of Attachment
Show Details57min 11s
004 Colin Van Ert: My Friend the Grasshopper
Show Details1hr 6min
003 Sean Chiddy: Yang Mindfulness & Entheogens in Healing
Show Details57min 13s
001 Om Rupani: Prerequisites to Ecstasy
Show Details56min 10s
-01 Walker Barnard: The Spiritual Side of Raving
Show Details48min 23s
-02 Matthew Silver: Sacred Clown
Show Details1hr 1min
-03 Chirp Herm: Professional Poker & Skrillaging
Show Details55min 3s
-04 Carolyn Elliott: Witching Hour
Show Details1hr 8min
-05 Emily Linden: The Unslut Project
Show Details1hr 2min