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The Para Connection

This is "The Para Connection"! The connection any paranormal enthusiast would want to make. Everything that is categorized as "unknown" will be brought to light right here on the show. From ghosts to demons, aliens to cryptids, & beyond. We do not criticize here & we do not dismiss any story or belief. Our goal is simple... to unite many & to understand one thing. The unknown. There are countless numbers of individuals that feel alone, scared, & confused. Many of these people may admit that it's due to supernatural occurrences. No one is alone or forsaken. Join us, as we embrace a journey through the impossible & all things in between!


23.) The Revelation of Cielo Drive
Show Details57min 49s
22.) The Hauntings of Cielo Drive
Show Details47min 50s
21.) The History of Cielo Drive
Show Details49min 29s
20.) Haunted Objects, Libraries, & Paranormal Safety
Show Details1hr 15min
19.) Mistreatments & Salvation Vol. 2
Show Details1hr
18.) Pseudo Investigators
Show Details1hr 48min
17.) Ghosts, Dark Energy, & Attachments
Show Details1hr 25min
16.) The Pathways of Reiki, Cartomancy, & Tarot
Show Details1hr 15min
15.) Mistreatments & Salvation Vol. 1
Show Details1hr 40min
14.) Classic Cryptids - Trailing the Jersey Devil
Show Details57min 54s
13.) Speaking Clairvoyance Vol. 2
Show Details59min 24s
12.) Immortality & the Afterlife
Show Details54min 9s
11.) Ouija Boards & Dybbuk Boxes
Show Details57min 29s
10.) Investigations & Protection
Show Details50min 12s
9.) Amazing Stories Beyond Normal
Show Details1hr 28min
8.) Residual Theories & Explanations
Show Details43min 31s
7.) The Different Types of Manifestations Vol. 2
Show Details1hr 21min
6.) The Different Types of Manifestations Vol. 1
Show Details59min 1s
5.) Paranormal Basics & Expectations
Show Details1hr 1min
4.) Cults vs. the Occult
Show Details52min 28s
3.) Paranormal Highlights & Scientific Possibilities
Show Details1hr 32min
2.) Speaking Clairvoyance Vol. 1
Show Details1hr 18min
1.) Acceptance, Beliefs, Methods, & the Paranormal
Hide Details1hr 29min

Welcome to "The Para Connection Podcast!" This "pilot" episode is our first entry into the podcasting world. You'll be listening to your host, Schuler Johnson, as he highlights many similarities & differences regarding the paranormal. This podcast is paranormal based, but will cover many topics relating to the supernatural & the unknown. This episode features our first official guest, Mary Willemsen from the Netherlands. So, join Mary & Schuler as they share their opinions on the paranormal!  

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1hr 29min
Published Jun 1, 2019 at 4:08am