The Gamer Parent's Strategy Guide

Are you a gamer and a parent of gamers? Do you feel like you're muddling through how to handle this uncharted territory? Perhaps you'll find some hints and ideas in The Gamer Parent's Strategy Guide! Jed Shaffer, father of 3 boys, shares the insights and lessons he's learned about gaming and parenting and how they interweave. Linktree: Theme music composed and performed by CS Swampfox, used with exclusive permission. CS' YouTube: CS' Apple Music page: Support this podcast:


Episode 21 - Ethics and Video Games with Shlomo Sher
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 20 - Video games and mental health with Dr. Fai Lam
Show Details48min 11s
Episode 19 - Gaming and being Trans, with Eli Mendoza
Show Details53min 24s
Episode 18 - Being a video game voice actor w/Brimstone
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 17 - Five Positive Benefits Of Being A Gamer Parent
Show Details25min 51s
Episode 16 - Gaming Addiction, China, and Time Management
Show Details18min 51s
Episode 15 - A conversation with Ed Lallier of Vanta Leagues
Show Details38min 40s
Episode 14 - The Mission Statement
Show Details33min 30s
Episode 13 - A casual conversation with RD Reynolds
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 12 - When Gaming, Social Issues and Teenagers Collide
Show Details55min 4s
Episode 11 - MIcro-transactions and the Monetization of Children (A collaboration with Project Pixel Gaming)
Show Details2hr 1min
Episode 10 - So Your Kid Wants To Design Video Games ... An Interview w/Geoffrey Golden
Show Details51min 57s
Episode 9 - Gaming After COVID-19
Show Details28min 54s
Episode 8 - Scott Cawthon, the Nintendo Switch OLED, and show updates!
Show Details29min 4s
Episode 7 - Girl Gamers and Boy Gamers: A Discussion w/Sean Garmer
Show Details59min 32s
Episode 6 - Video Game Addiction: An interview with Elaine Uskoski
Show Details48min 18s
Episode 5 - The Gamer Parent Strategy Guide's Mortal Kombat movie review!
Show Details18min 12s
Episode 4 - The PS3 Online Store Is Closing?!? What Should You Buy Right Now!
Show Details51min 10s
Episode 3 - Reviewing Sony's Play At Home indie game releases
Show Details46min 42s
Episode 2 - Interview w/Kelly Ryan
Show Details55min 49s
Episode 1 - Game Ratings and the ESRB
Show Details51min 43s
Show Details1min 25s