Season 1 | Episode 11
55m | May 10, 2023

Thinking about moving to the country and mocking The Old Ways? Perhaps you're about to hire the local pariahs as contractors for your home improvement project, despite every fiber of your being screaming at your not to? Before you neglect the altar at the foot of your garden, or ignore all your instincts, maybe listen to our review of Jon Wright's folk horror-comedy "Unwelcome"

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Weird, Together is hosted by Brennan Storr (The Ghost Story Guys Podcast, Transmissions From the Void, Book of the Dead) and Joseph Comeau (The Cardinal Rule, AZ Sports Underground).

Our theme song is "Rest in Peace", from the album "Music From Big Beige" by The Revenants, licensed via Night Harvest Recordings.

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Weird, Together: Talking the Sociology of Indie Horror