First-Time Caller

Season 2 | Episode 1
43m | Mar 21, 2024

Considering a successful career as a controversial radio show who will never have to face consequences for their actions? The Apocalypse AND one of your listeners might have something to say about that, so before you start shopping for mics, you better listen to our review of J.D Brynn & Abe Goldfarb's "First-Time Caller"

Weird, Together is hosted by Brennan Storr (The Ghost."Story Guys Podcast, Transmissions From the Void, Book of the Dead) and Joseph Comeau (The Sociology Professor, The Cardinal Rule, AZ Sports Underground).

This episode was edited by Tonya Downing.

Our theme song is "Rest in Peace", from the album "Music From Big Beige" by The Revenants, licensed via Night Harvest Recordings.

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Weird, Together: Talking the Sociology of Indie Horror