The Sandwich

Let's talk Self, Health and Happiness with AmandaMuse - YouTuber, Woman, Mother & Friend. Tune in weekly for conversations that make you think, laugh & everything in between! Whether layering ideas, or trying to squeeze in a new outlook between some old ones, Amanda brings optimism and positivity to each episode. Welcome to the The Sandwich!


21 Things in 2021: Current State of Affairs + Setting Realistic Goals
Show Details35min 59s
The Ghosts of Christmas Past
Show Details35min 13s
100K YouTube Milestone + A New Secret Project with Dean
Show Details57min 20s
Passion, Activism and Boundaries with Natalie Bell
Show Details51min 14s
Food Scarcity Fears in Uncertain Times with Lindsay Glassco
Show Details54min 51s
A Strong Father Daughter Bond featuring My Dad
Show Details50min 9s
I'm Back: Taking a Break + Creating Boundaries
Show Details30min 35s
The Reality of Sending Kids Back to School with Teacher Anna
Show Details44min 23s
Back to School Ontario: Thoughts + Feelings + Action Plan
Show Details21min 36s
NOTHING IS NORMAL: Pressures and Expectations
Show Details37min 19s
A Second Chance at Life with Stephanie CF Get Loud
Show Details1hr 10min
Choosing a Childfree Life with Claudia Erban
Show Details1hr 2min
Travel Memories: Malaysia Get To Know Me Chatty Q+A
Show Details25min 10s
Life Coach Yourself with Tarot Lori
Show Details52min 25s
What Life's Really Like Inside My Home During a Pandemic
Show Details32min 41s
Advice I Would Give My Younger Self
Show Details33min 36s
A Disabled Mother's Journey Through a Pandemic with Kat Inokai
Show Details1hr 14min
What's Working + What Is Not Working In These Uncertain Times
Show Details49min 57s
Sisters Discuss A Big Age Gap, Bodies + Love
Show Details56min 9s
Update with Dad: Living Alone, Fitness + Staying Motivated
Show Details59min 21s
One Family's Experience with COVID-19
Show Details1hr 5min
The Sleep Situation, Judgement + Tips for Quarantine Relationships with Dean
Show Details1hr 7min
Girl Talk, Wine and a Throwback Trip to Austin Texas
Show Details53min 40s
Self Care, Family + The Future of Influencers with Nesting Story
Show Details1hr 3min
Fear of Losing Control and the Ability to Rest
Show Details32min 16s
New World Life Update with My Husband Dean: Parenting, Marriage + Work
Show Details52min 16s
When do you LIE to me? Mother Daughter Q+A
Show Details24min 47s
Head Above Water: How to Care for Yourself and Improve Your Life
Show Details46min 26s
Being a Woman with an Opinion and a Job on the Internet with Tova Leigh
Show Details41min 46s
Positively Addicted & Fitness Update with my Dad
Show Details1hr 11min
Big Lifestyle Changes + More! Late Night Chats with My Husband Dean
Show Details1hr 13min
Finding Community After Divorce in the Single MotherHOOD with Kate
Show Details1hr 12min
The Secret to Making Friends as an Adult and Nurturing Friendship in Children
Show Details40min 49s
I Always Cry At Christmas: Years Gone By + 2020 Goals
Show Details41min 16s
Body Neutrality and Exercise Programs
Show Details25min 41s
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living with Jasprit Kaur of Honour The Temple
Show Details1hr 7min
Managing Boundaries in Work, Friendship and Family
Show Details33min 51s
Cohabitation Rules with Dean
Show Details42min 49s
Hypnosis Therapy, Too Much Self-Care + Building Confidence! Q+A
Show Details53min 43s
Can I Take a Break ?! End of Summer Life Update
Show Details33min 14s
The Unedited Love Episode with Dean
Show Details32min 53s
Challenging Gender Roles in the Home
Show Details1hr 21min
Intuition, Tarot Cards + The Mistress of Woo with Emma Smallbone
Show Details1hr 27min
Change Is Hard: Mother + Daughter Share The Truth
Show Details49min 20s
What's the Deal with Age Gap Relationships? with Dean
Show Details1hr 44min
Advice for New Moms, Marriage Secrets + Feeling Good About Your Body! Q+A
Show Details44min 39s
Body Confidence, Weightloss, and The Journey to Self-Love with Sarah The Birds Papaya
Show Details1hr 25min
Can you Self-Care while Working, Mothering and Adulting?! with Tina Singh
Show Details44min 20s
Self-Care for REAL: 12 Steps
Show Details50min 40s
Girl Love
Show Details1hr 43min
Swimming Pools & Jackhammers with Dean
Show Details1hr 47min