The Program audio series

The Program audio series is a historical podcast set in a future in which Money, State, and God became fused into a single entity called the Program. Each episode is a self-contained story focusing on ordinary people inhabiting this extraordinary world. And for them, it is not this future that is terrifying - it is our present.

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More parrot than predator
Show Details17min 49s
This AI not to be used to fabricate paperclips
Show Details40min 48s
Jakob's notebook: Quit without saving
Show Details13min 44s
Show Details35min 4s
My Turing-complete life
Show Details50min 30s
Right align, justify
Show Details50min 8s
Parent-child processing
Show Details32min 4s
Move past and break things
Show Details48min 47s
White Algorithm's burden - part III
Show Details41min 33s
White Algorithm's burden - part II
Show Details41min 59s
White Algorithm's burden - part I
Show Details44min 4s
Four ways to stop your system from freezing
Show Details46min 47s
White hat, black hat: Chico's story
Show Details22min 54s
White hat, black hat
Show Details51min 1s
You had me at "Hello World"
Show Details47min 14s
The Program comes for us all
Show Details1min 22s