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Eye on the Ball

Eye on the Ball is a variety show with biblical content on topics including church, ministry, economics, and theology.


Young, Old, or Evolved? Part 2
Show Details50min 30s
Young, Old, or Evolved? Part 1
Show Details47min 41s
An A.T.M. in the Bible?
Show Details31min 30s
Is the Bible reliable?
Show Details45min 3s
Safety or Liberty
Show Details39min 16s
Saving the U.S. from Socialism
Show Details31min 17s
The Deceitfulness of Wealth
Show Details27min 56s
Why Pray?
Show Details38min 46s
Women in Ministry: Complementarianism vs. Egalitarianism
Show Details1hr 3min
Are Baby Boomers the Worst?
Show Details46min 26s
What's Your ESG Score?
Show Details23min 1s
Small Town Advantage
Show Details31min 38s
You Can Be a Prepper Too
Show Details25min 10s
Sin of the High Hand
Show Details36min 13s
Don't Pay the Preacher
Show Details38min 41s
The Creation Debate
Show Details48min 11s
Christians Love Money
Show Details44min 4s
Hell Yes? Hell No?
Show Details40min 55s