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Extending The Play

NFL Eagles Insider John McMullen is “Extending The Play”. Weekly episodes giving you the best insider information surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles and all the latest NFL news.


John McMullen Discusses If The Philadelphia Eagles Really Believe In Jalen Hurts
Show Details58min 7s
John McMullen Ramps Up The Draft Coverage On The Philadelphia Eagles
Show Details50min 31s
Deep Diving Into The Philadelphia Eagles Draft Options After Trading Back, Plus, Lincoln Riley?
Show Details59min 20s
Is Trey Lance Most NFL Ready QB?
Show Details57min 16s
Special Edition | Johnny Mac and Ryan Rothstein Discuss the Impending Problems the NFL, NBA and MLB Face
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How The QB Carousel Could Impact The Eagles in The Draft
Show Details59min 30s
Closing The Book on Carson Wentz As Philadelphia Eagles QB
Show Details58min 34s
John McMullen's Deepest Dive Into The Carson Wentz Trade Talks
Show Details59min 31s
SB LV Week | John McMullen, Rich Q, and Panthers TE Colin Thompson
Show Details59min 10s
Eagles Search For A New Coach | Extending The Play | NFL Divisional Round
Show Details59min 20s
NFL Wildcard Weekend | Extending The Play | John McMullen
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Eagles vs. Football Team Week 17 | Extending The Play | John McMullen
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Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 16 | Extending The Play | John McMullen
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Eagles vs. Cardinals BREAKDOWN Week 15 | Extending The Play | John McMullen
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Eagles vs. Packers NFL Week 13 | John McMullen | Extending The Play
Show Details1hr
Eagles vs. Seahawks NFL Week 12
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Don't Blame Carson? | John McMullen Eagles POSTGAME Edition
Show Details15min 54s
Eagles vs. Browns NFL Week 11 | Extending The Play With John McMullen
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Eagles vs. Giants Week 10 | Extending The Play With John McMullen
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Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 8 Preview
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Analyzing the Eagles After Week 7 | Extending The Play | John McMullen
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Eagles vs. Ravens Week 6 Preview
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Eagles vs. Steelers Week 5 Preview
Show Details59min 15s
Eagles vs. 49ers Week 4 Preview
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Eagles vs. Bengals and NFL Week 3 Previews
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The Philadelphia Eagles and Jason Peters: On Again Off Again Hot and Cold
Show Details21min 20s
TEN biggest takeaways from Philadelphia Eagles TEN practices
Show Details19min 26s
Andre Dillard DONE... Insert Bodyguard here
Show Details22min 48s
SLAYIN IT: Darius Slay and the Eagles Defense
Show Details18min 34s
Carson Wentz is rocking the DAD BOD
Show Details20min 12s
Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Returns! COVID19 updates?!
Show Details20min 9s
Philadelphia Eagles push back “youth rebuild” and get older: smart move?
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Lane Johnson: “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” Says the Social Media Trolls
Show Details14min 26s
Carson Wentz time in Philly... Jalen Hurts and Wentz have not become best friends...
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Show Details23min 17s
Carson Wentz is jacked and Eagles Head Coach Speaks
Show Details32min 7s
What NFL teams will be the Miami Marlins of the league? Who are the best coaches?
Show Details32min 7s
Can the NFL really pull this off?
Show Details24min 40s
Ben Simmons shooting on Social Media: So what.
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Fans or No Fans? That’s the question Philadelphia can’t answer
Show Details21min 33s
Have we seen Desean Jackson play his last game as an Eagle?
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The Washington Redskins with a name change? Will it happen? When? What will new name be?
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NFLPA Director Smith say whaaaa?!
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The NFL will be playing football come Fall, BOOK IT
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Extending The Play
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