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Explain People

Join Master Coach Kim Giles to learn about PEOPLE - in a whole new way. The 12 Shapes Relationship System gives you real skills and tools to improve every relationship in your life. This groundbreaking people science is sweeping the world - join us on our mission to create a more tolerant and accepting world.


Dating a Circle
Show Details18min 23s
Dating a Heart
Show Details13min 15s
Dating an Octagon
Show Details22min 27s
What is your fighting style?
Show Details27min 12s
Difficult People show you the limits of your love
Show Details24min 10s
What shapes are leading the CoronaVirus Task Force?
Show Details15min 26s
How each shape will handle the pandemic
Show Details26min 27s
Clarity Call during Pandemic - Handling conflict at home in quarantine
Show Details53min 56s
What makes your shape amazing!
Show Details24min 49s
Clarity Call during Pandemic - the fear of Loss state we are all in
Show Details57min 49s
IMPROVING YOU : What Coronavirus can teach us about love
Show Details17min 49s
IMPROVING YOU : Nothing but you can make you upset
Show Details18min 53s
How to recognize the shapes - FAQ part 2
Show Details15min 29s
Funny 12 Shapes FAQ and Answers - PART 1
Show Details19min 37s
Is your shape a Perfectionist?
Show Details16min 19s
Election 2020 - What shape are all the candidates?
Show Details24min 29s
Shapes most likely to be wealthy
Show Details15min 45s
Are you the problem?
Show Details29min 51s
Modern Family - by shape
Show Details18min 9s
Don't fix other People
Show Details26min 16s
Stop Getting Angry
Show Details27min 5s
The 3 Types of relationships
Show Details34min 18s
What is Bernie Thinking? Bernie and Crosses Explained
Show Details25min 40s
FRIENDS - get to know them by shape - Don't miss this hilarious show
Show Details13min 59s
Ross on friends and other Rectangles explained
Show Details21min 33s
Leonardo and Squares Explained
Show Details28min 40s
The Triangle Show - the most unusual people around
Show Details18min 1s
Katy Perry and shiny Stars Explained
Show Details27min 59s
Yes we explained TRUMP - don't miss this show!
Show Details34min 32s
The Office - You want to know them by Shape
Show Details12min 58s
Abraham Lincoln and Ovals Explained
Show Details19min 19s
Sandra Bullock, Will Smith and Arrows Explained
Show Details37min 36s
Nicole Kidman and Diamonds Explained
Show Details28min 33s
Drew Barrymore and all Circles Explained
Show Details23min 52s
Chrissy Metz and Empathetic Hearts Explained
Show Details23min 5s
Oprah and Octagon's Explained
Show Details33min 10s
There are only two types of people and 3 kinds of relationships
Show Details33min 24s
Pilot Episode - Introducing the show and the 12 Shapes
Show Details40min 44s