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Welcome to Expert Real Estate Tips by Lance Mohr. As one of the best Realtors in Tampa, I created this real estate podcast to provide buyers and sellers tips and advice when purchasing or selling a home in Tampa Bay or elsewhere. It takes a truly knowledgeable and experienced Realtor that cares enough about the people’s most valuable asset (their home) to educate them.

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The ONLY 2 Reasons to Hire a Listing Agent - Home Selling Tips
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"How to Choose a "LISTING AGENT" - 2 Easy Ways To Hire a Listing Agent To Sell Your Home
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Innovative Marketing That Sells Homes FAST & For More MONEY
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5 First Time Home Buyer Programs
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Best Places to Live in Tampa {Honest Overview of Areas in Tampa, FL - UPDATED}
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Best Places to Live in Tampa {Honest Overviews of the Cities & Areas}
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When Is The {Best Time To Buy} a House_ A Month by Month Breakdown
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What Is Mortgage Insurance and How Does It Work?
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4 Ways to Buy a House With NO Money Down
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The #1 Home Buyer Mistake - Do NOT Do This!
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How To Choose A Mortgage Lender When Buying a Home
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4 Essential "HOME BUYING TIPS" To Save Time & Frustration
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How To Get The Best Mortgage Rate
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3 Critical First Time Home Buyer Mistakes
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6 Best Tips On How To Choose a Realtor
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How Do Realtors Get Paid - Who Pays Your Buyers Agent
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Expert Real Estate Tips - Lance Mohr
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