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Learn how to get clear on what you want, shift your mindset, elevate your vibration, and manifest.


Episode 47: Jesse Golden
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 46: Virgo into Libra Season and the Fall Equinox
Show Details19min 51s
Episode 45: Life As A Spiritual Entrepreneur
Show Details28min 44s
Episode 44: The Smiling Gut
Show Details42min 33s
Episode 43: Get To Know Your Intuition
Show Details18min 38s
Episode 42: Rainbo Mushrooms with Tonya
Show Details45min 1s
Episode 41: Doing the Work for You and the World
Show Details24min 50s
Episode 40: A Healthier Skin and Earth with Marisa from Meadow and Bark
Show Details28min 43s
Episode 39: Lion's Gate Portal 8/8
Show Details26min 39s
Episode 38: Rising Above Dependency and How My Relationship With Alcohol Has Evolved
Show Details31min 51s
Episode 37: Vincent Polsinelli
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 36: Summer Energy Upgrade, Pleidians, Spiritual Flu, Summer Forcast, and Divine Messages
Show Details37min 24s
Episode 35: Gurujas Khalsa
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 34: Community Chat!
Show Details25min 10s
Episode 33: Spirituality, 5D and Beyond with Marci Baron
Show Details59min 45s
Episode 32: The Significance of Summer Solstice
Show Details16min 30s
Episode 31: Rachael Lynsey Shtifter
Show Details53min 9s
Episode 30: Defining Success
Show Details9min 34s
Episode 29: Jen Davis
Show Details57min 41s
Episode 28: Moving at the Speed of Light and the Age of Information
Show Details15min 46s
Episode 27: Kelly McCrum
Show Details33min 20s
Episode 26: Using the Morning to Align to Your Dream Life
Show Details28min 6s
Episode 25: Alice Bell
Show Details36min 39s
Episode 24: Embracing Imperfection
Show Details19min 34s
Episode 23: Victoria Mann
Show Details1hr 27min
Episode 22: Aging and Growing Older Means More Wisdom
Show Details24min
Episode 21: Forgiveness
Show Details18min 16s
Episode 20: Challenges and Obstacles
Show Details9min 12s
Episode 19: Optimist is the Realist
Show Details19min 15s
Episode 18: A Channel About the Current State of the World
Show Details25min 27s
Episode 17: From Darkness to Light, Life Transitions As A Couple, Dealing With Loss and Future Manifests
Show Details54min 8s
Episode 16: Life Before Spirituality, Addiction, and the Road to Recovery and Awakening
Show Details44min 39s
Episode 15: Finding Your Purpose and Following the Path Towards Your Dharma
Show Details42min 14s
Episode 14: Healing Generational Trauma
Show Details33min 21s
Episode 13: Intuition vs Fear
Show Details22min 58s
Episode 12: How your relationship with yourself affects your relationship with everyone else
Show Details20min 59s
Episode 11: Disordered Eating, Plant Based Living, And Healthy Relationships with Food
Show Details40min 50s
Episode 10: Family, Boundaries, and Energetic Protection
Show Details21min 47s
Episode 9: What the F is going on? Living (and Thriving) Through The Aquarian Age and Great Awakening
Show Details29min 2s
Episode 8: Surrendering and the Law of Least Resistance
Show Details30min 57s
Episode 7: A Life Update as a Spiritual Entrepreneur + Tips For You + A Short Meditation
Show Details18min 32s
Episode 6: Alignment is the New Manifest
Show Details29min
Episode 5 - All Things Kundalini - Kundalini 101 and beyond.
Show Details25min 49s
Episode 4 - Spiritual Awakenings - What to know what you may experience
Show Details34min 15s
Episode 3 - The Frequency to be Successful
Show Details28min 47s
Episode 2 - Unlearning
Show Details36min 16s
How I Evolved, The Beginning
Show Details31min 10s