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Everything But The BS

Hello and welcome to Everything But The BS podcast! Join good buddies Eric and Shane as they bring you real, raw talks about today’s most controversial social, political and even conspiratorial news. They also offer thoughts about fitness, faith, family and just about everything taboo through the eyes of two free thinking Americans, minus all bull-spit! 

Each episode promises to be a real, raw talk where you'll find a mix of audio entertainment including uncensored rants, unfiltered discussions and occasional guest interviews with entrepreneurs, influencers, experts, and thought leaders.

These two dudes dare to say what many are thinking, but only a couple of no BSers would actually say aloud! No topics are off-limits as they break down the information overload that we’re inundated with daily!

The sole purpose in each episode of the podcast is to encourage listeners to think outside of the box, challenge themselves to see perspectives that may be very different from theirs and ultimately heighten your BS meter to filter out the crap being thrown at each and every one of us from everywhere.

EBTBS is the real…No BS Zone!



This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.