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Evangelical Dark Web

This podcast provides regular updates on what is going on in the church based on the reporting and commentary of EvangelicalDarkWeb.org. The Evangelical Dark Web is a decentralized online community of Christian believers who fight to maintain the orthodoxy of Evangelical Christianity.


Historical Hot Takes With Jon Harris
Show Details1hr 36min
The Chosen's Third Season Is A Seeker-Sensitive CW Show?
Show Details24min 40s
Apologist Cameron Bertuzzi Converts To Catholicism, Begs For Money
Show Details20min
A Mighty Fortified Election
Show Details2hr 25min
Voddie Baucham Defends Christian Nationalism
Show Details16min 43s
Tim Keller Pushes Biblical Critical Theory: His Final 'Gift' To The Church
Show Details18min 23s
The Gospel Coalition Defends Beta Male Pastors
Show Details30min 5s
Helping Chads Find Trads | Guest Brandon Durham Dominion Dating
Show Details1hr 40min
Sean Feucht Church Hero or Villain
Show Details1hr 15min
Bart Barber Goes Blue Anon For 60 Minutes
Show Details28min 29s
Costi Hinn vs Doug Wilson, Michael O'Fallon, and G3
Show Details21min 37s
Mike Winger vs Doctrinal Watchdog + Tim Hurd
Show Details1hr 36min
Writing the Frankfurt Declaration | Guest: Steven Lloyd
Show Details52min 51s
Why Sadie Robertson Huff Shouldn't Preach
Show Details50min 38s
Big Eva attacks mainstream pro-life position as fringe
Show Details27min 21s
Is Michael Todd A Modalist or Just Dumb?
Show Details33min 3s
Andy Stanley Unhitches the Gospel from the Bible
Show Details26min 12s
Craig Groeschel Woke Marxist Exposed
Show Details56min 59s