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Euro League

The #1 League of Legends podcast! Rich breaks down all things EU with star guests - From LEC players to coaches, ERL talent & business experts!


Euro League - LEC Off Season feat. Nymaera
Show Details2hr 38min
Euro League - Worlds Roundup & Top 10 Players feat. Torok
Show Details1hr 26min
Euro League - Semi Finals! feat. Atlus
Show Details1hr 41min
Euro League - Worlds Quarter Finals! feat. Yasukeh
Show Details1hr 30min
Euro League - Rogue Worlds Contenders? NA doomed region. feat.SeeEl
Show Details1hr 17min
Worlds 2022 Power Rankings ft. Monte & Dagda
Show Details2hr 8min
Euro League - LEC Finals preview. MAD Bo5 woes. EU at Worlds. feat. Mac
Show Details1hr 18min
Euro League - Fnatic revival? G2 Unbeatable? Malrang...genius? feat. Nymaera
Show Details55min 35s
Euro League - LEC Playoff Preview Show feat. Xerxe
Show Details54min
Euro League - Vitality crumble. MVP? Playoff draft gaps. feat. Hiiva & Troubleinc
Show Details1hr 10min
Euro League - Upsets & Superweeks. Race for Playoffs. feat. sOAZ
Show Details1hr 8min
Euro League - BDS Barons. VIT Super Legit? Misfits sell! feat. AngelArcher & Keire
Show Details1hr 18min
Euro League - Excel Rise. Fnatic Fall. EU gets 4 slots?! feat. Nukeduck & Keire
Show Details1hr 5min
Euro league - Fnatic crush G2. Zac OP? Alphari's downfall feat. Odoamne & Keire
Show Details1hr 32min
Euro League - Rogue miss playoffs? Last-ralis to Worlds? feat. Kobbe & AoD
Show Details1hr 1min
Euro League - LEC Preview Show (feat. Youngbuck & SeeEl)
Show Details1hr 14min
Euro League - EUM Playoffs (feat. Kasing, Troubleinc, Dagda)
Show Details1hr 39min
Euro League - EU Masters Preview. (feat. Baca, Guldborg & Nymaera)
Show Details1hr 19min