Esoteric Escape

Humans through time find themselves in what feels like an everlasting Light vs Dark battle with each other and the elements of the universe.

It can be hard to cope with the immense feelings that take over our bodily vessels for our divine spirits, but universal balance will never go away so we must learn how to manifest with intention. Perception is projection.

On this channel I (Anton) talk about real time events happening in our world, esoteric truths and innerstandings of self and others. And as I teach myself many things talking my truth out loud, I hope to teach others and learn together - for we are all one.

I will also bring in guests on the podcast in the near future.

Good vibes and much love!



1 - Universal Balance & being an Energy Manipulator
Show Details34min 48s
#0 - Test Episode
Show Details21min 41s