Equity Rising

A podcast of King County Equity Now, hosted by community organizer TraeAnna Holiday. Equity Rising connects with racial justice organizers across the country and the world to learn from their lived experiences. Through conversations and interviews, we examine how we are shaping history, and tell the story of the current racial justice movement.

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Equity in Tech, Wellness, and Beyond with Heru Tchaas Amen
Show Details59min 12s
Cannabis Worker Equity with Cody Funderburk
Show Details38min 45s
Equity Within the Narrative with Delbert Richardson
Show Details50min 14s
Equity in Education with Baionne Coleman
Show Details1hr 3min
Equity in Community Arts & Culture with Jazmyn Scott
Show Details1hr 8min
Equity in Representation; WA State Rep Kirsten Harris-Talley
Show Details1hr 7min
Equity + Art + Home with Inye Wokoma
Show Details54min 22s
Food Justice with Nyema Clark
Show Details50min 32s
Equity in Filmmaking with Dru Holley
Show Details44min 47s
Roots of the Black Power Movement with Aaron Dixon; Albuquerque, New Mexico
Show Details1hr 10min
Black and Queer in French Fashion with Anthony Vincent; Paris, France
Show Details51min 12s
Decolonizing News & Media with Rhianna Patrick; Brisbane, Australia
Show Details1hr 10min
Bonus Episode: Black in a White Sport - An Extended Chime In with J’Lynn Matthews, Colton Green, and Austin Hegmon
Show Details37min 44s
Equity in Ultimate with Shanye Crawford; Atlanta, GA
Show Details57min 21s
Empowering Cannabis Leadership with Ernest Toney; Denver, CO
Hide Details43min 3s

“If you look at the history of cannabis prohibition, you see cannabis being used as a tool of oppression and the communities being targeted are the Black and brown communities.” Starting from this place, BIPOCANN founder and longtime cannabis expert Ernest Toney leads strategy, education, and business operations for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the legal cannabis industry. In this episode, Ernest talks to Trae about how he works interpersonally within his network to help newcomers and up-and-comers succeed—thereby taking back that imbalance of power. Using a business-to-business approach, and leveraging new legislation as well as any social equity programs that exist, Ernest believes that successful enterprise and strategic partnerships are key to increasing visibility, representation, and equity. This week’s Chime In features Elijah Lewis. This episode was produced by Lili Gu, Linnea Ingalls & Julia Drachman and edited by Josh Berl.

43min 3s
Published Jan 14, 2021 at 8:05am
Incarceration, Art, and Healing with Sabra Williams; Los Angeles, CA
Show Details53min 56s
Black Love & Sustainability with Kamau Franklin; Atlanta, GA
Show Details59min 59s
Art + Activism = Artivism with Idris Goodwin; Colorado Springs, CO
Show Details58min 53s
Intersectionality with Oluchi Omeoga; Minneapolis, MN
Show Details55min 45s
The Aftermath of Apartheid with Mandisa Dyantyi; Cape Town, South Africa
Show Details1hr 3min
Cannabis Equity with Raeven Duckett; Oakland, CA
Show Details50min 9s
Introducing Equity Rising
Show Details6min 21s