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Crazy stories and hilarious happenings behind the scenes in a busy downtown city ER


The Procedure
Show Details12min 58s
Communication is Key
Show Details47min 8s
On Being Patients
Show Details52min 1s
Learning from Mistakes and Stoopid Amazing Brenda
Show Details44min 3s
Rules for the ER
Show Details42min 56s
Logic Not Included
Show Details43min 50s
I'm a 20/10 for Pain!
Show Details46min 34s
Twas the night Before Christmas (in the ER)
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Is there a Doctor on the Plane?
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Questions for Your Question
Show Details37min 31s
But Google told me!
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Hollywood Endings
Show Details46min 6s
Dudes and Why Women Live Longer
Show Details36min 58s