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Walensky admits CDC spread MISINFORMATION on COVID vaccine safety
Show Details24min 16s
Studies show that COVID vaccines cause BLOOD DAMAGE
Show Details18min 31s
Which side are the intelligence agencies on the FBI, CIA,NSA, They’re spying on the American. people
Show Details18min 35s
COVID vaccine propaganda busted – High deaths and cancers
Show Details14min 40s
China’s military begins surrounding Taiwan as it conducts largest live-fire drills in over two decades
Show Details17min 20s
The US government colluded with Twitter Facebook to hide vaccine important information on the COVID-19 vaccine
Show Details20min 45s
As Boris Johnson of the UK resigns, the death rate is the highest among the fully vaccinated
Show Details16min 50s
Posturing to take on Russia in World War III as Nato takes on two new members
Show Details12min 52s
Crypto Nostradamus” John Perez: $2 trillion loss in value just the start, larger crypto crash coming
Show Details22min 1s
The controlled demolition of FOOD and ENERGY infrastructure is now under way… prepare or get crushed
Show Details18min 52s
4 Out of 5 COVID-19 deaths in Canada since mid-February are from the vaccinated population
Show Details17min 1s
Healthy Young People in Australia are Dying en masse
Show Details19min 21s
What you didn’t know about the Uvalde shooting in Texas
Show Details21min 20s
The COVID-19 pandemic was never what they claimed, but the vaccine pandemic is REAL
Show Details18min 32s
Monkeypox detected in at least 11 countries scientists claim to be puzzled over its spread
Show Details18min 17s
So much news coming out of Ukraine appears to be completely fabricated
Show Details18min 35s
Pfizer appears to have committed fraud, and if it can be proven in court
Show Details10min 20s
It’s getting worse in Shanghai with the New Covid Outbreak
Show Details20min 49s
New York Times admits that SNAKE VENOM is used to formulate Big Pharma’s dangerous drugs
Show Details12min 8s
New study shows vitamin supplementation helps prevent COVID-19 infection
Show Details16min 43s
The US Dollar and Economy will Crash Soon, Get Ready
Show Details21min 51s
Will SCOTUS overturn Roe vs Wade Soon
Show Details25min 4s
Global Starvation and the New World Order is behind this collapse
Show Details25min 32s
Europe headed into BLACKOUTS as Russia halts GAS FLOWS
Show Details10min 13s
REALITY CHECK, Triple-injected 500% more likely to catch covid compared to the unvaccinated
Show Details18min 53s
The WHO and The mark of the beast system is here.
Show Details28min 50s
Globalists push for centralization of power amid worldwide economic decline
Show Details16min 46s
This is the true meaning of Easter
Show Details19min 42s
Pfizer was completely overwhelmed with covid “vaccine” side effect reports, documents reveal
Show Details9min
Pfizer Graphene Oxide and The Covid19 Vaccination
Show Details17min 30s
The Russia Ukraine War, What you don't know
Show Details24min 3s
Judicial Watch sues government over refusal to disclose COVID vaccine side effects
Show Details5min 11s
PLANNED FAMINE US government has been paying farmers to destroy crops and livestock for YEARS
Show Details19min 41s
Australia is rapidly becoming cashless society shunning all physical currency
Show Details17min 31s
ABORTION WELFARE Getting an abortion in California is now free, thanks to Gavin Newsom
Show Details19min 44s
Science papers now subject to extreme censorship if they question the official narrative on anything COVID, AIDS, vaccines, climate, virology and more
Show Details9min 46s
Massive global depression coming as dark years for the world are beginning, says renowned expert
Show Details11min 38s
FACT CHECK The Ukrainian bioweapons labs are REAL
Show Details15min 5s
CDC quietly admits COVID-19 vaccines cause heart attacks and strokes; Big Pharma media tries to pin blame on anything else
Show Details11min 23s
The Russia Conflict with Ukraine
Show Details15min 29s
Dr. Eric Nepute Biden, Fauci, CDC are lying to Americans again
Show Details27min 28s
IT NEVER ENDS U.K. says citizens will need “booster” shots every three months FOREVER in order to manage Covid
Show Details20min 57s
Trudeau’s discriminatory travel ban against un-vaxxed Canadians goes into effect
Show Details26min 44s
Associated Press now admits VACCINATED people are spreading COVID and filling hospitals, claims BOOSTER SHOTS are the answer
Show Details15min 49s
Technology patent suggests tech overlords are planning to digitally surveil people, grant freedoms based on vaccination status
Show Details25min 54s
BUSTED NJ Gov. Phil Murphy planning to impose statewide covid vaccine mandate AFTER reelection because he knows doing it now would ensure a loss
Show Details18min 27s
BREAKING Sweden, Denmark both ban Moderna covid vaccine for causing myocarditis in young people
Show Details14min 22s
Dr. Stella Immanuel talks about how hospitals are ignoring hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as effective treatments for COVID-19
Show Details23min 28s
New study shows that vaccinated people routinely discriminate against their own friends, breaking up with those who refuse to take deadly covid jabs
Show Details17min 3s
Hospital administrators CAUGHT ON CAMERA scheming to fabricate covid numbers and SCARE the public
Show Details19min 50s
BUSTED: Scripted Covid propaganda reveals how nearly all American doctors are just puppets of the corrupt American Medical Association and the Vaccine Industrial Complex
Show Details20min 13s
Unvaccinated people have already achieved herd immunity, while the VACCINATED are now getting sick as their vaccines fail
Show Details21min 26s
All of the evidence is in The Covid Vaccine is a failure
Show Details23min 45s
Repeated injections will be lethal, warns researcher on how the covid vaccine spike protein destroys natural immunity
Show Details26min 40s
Shocking executive order signed by Tennessee’s GOP governor authorizes quarantines, involuntary internment for COVID enforced by National Guard
Show Details21min 36s
Group starts petition against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in Ecuador
Show Details29min 20s
New COVID-19 deaths now exploding in the most heavily vaccinated country in the world ISRAEL
Show Details14min 58s
Gallup Poll 24% of US adults refuse vaccination and likely to stay that way
Show Details25min 23s
Yale doctor calls out CDC for committing large scale medical fraud and hiding covid cases among the vaccinated
Show Details18min 4s
Gates and Soros are teaming up to form a new org to bring more harmful vaccines to the third world for experimentation
Show Details21min 1s
Survey 1 in 5 Americans believe coronavirus vaccines contain microchips
Show Details30min 43s
Show Details17min 4s
17,503 DEAD, 1.7 million injured 50% SERIOUS reported in European Union’s database of adverse drug reactions for COVID-19 shots
Show Details30min 21s
Macron says French citizens who want to shop, dine, travel or worship must get vaccinated for covid
Show Details23min 43s
Spanish study finds Pfizer vaccine contains high levels of TOXIC graphene oxide
Show Details19min 45s
World Economic Forum pushing for Great Reset through a cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics
Show Details15min 22s
Americans are resisting Biden’s door to door COVID vaccine brownshirts program
Show Details10min 6s
Mass vaccination sites all over the country are SHUTTING DOWN as demand for experimental vaccines plummets
Show Details11min 39s
Watch Psaki Announces Nightmare for Unvaccinated Americans
Show Details13min 22s
Show Details18min 37s
Fake news MSM Vice News pushing farce that health care professionals administering covid jabs are all assessing the risk of harm based on each person’s medical history
Show Details10min 40s
It’s the VACCINATED who are speeding up the evolution of variants and spreading them to others, including the Delta Variant
Show Details16min 1s
Show Details19min 46s
CNN pushes Delta Variant as SUPER SCARY, claiming teenagers and kids need the dangerous, blood clotting, heart inflaming Covid Vaccine
Show Details13min 21s
New report stuns the world The vast majority of those now dying with covid are people who were VACCINATED against it
Show Details13min 24s
Whole Foods to roll out Mark of the Beast biometric palm scanning payment technology
Show Details15min 54s
Ultimate Proof Covid-19 Was Planned to Usher in the New World Order
Show Details21min 13s
Commie California BANS State Travel to Florida Over Their Anti-Trans Laws
Show Details17min 13s
Death by vaccine The greatest scandal of 21st century
Show Details17min 30s
End Time World News Introduction
Show Details1min 1s