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March Madness and NFL Free Agency
Show Details52min 30s
Meghan Markle, Dak Prescott and The Players Championship
Show Details50min 51s
Superbowl recap, Waste Management Open, Elite Athletes
Show Details44min 15s
Superbowl LV Preview
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Erecting Fight Island
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Wild Card Weekend
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(Augusta) Georgia on our Minds
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Not Political
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Very Nice!
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Quarantine Chronicles pt. 2
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The Quarantine Chronicles
Show Details45min 55s
College Hoops tournament preview
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Ro' Money, Ro' Problems
Show Details48min 23s
Invisible Fire
Show Details42min 20s
Harrison does Pilates
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Andy Reid's trophy wife
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The new face of Evian water
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The Return of The Notorious
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New Year, Same Us
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Unpopular Opinions
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Jameis Finston
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Big Truss
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Gronk Beach
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Miami, Florida - Where the Fitzmagic Happens
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An Ode to Julia Rose
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Best sports time of the year?
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An Adios to Jay Gruden
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Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'?
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The Dawn of a New Era in Quarterbacks
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What the Falk?
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All Out of Luck
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2019 College Football Preview show with Cappers Place
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2019 Fantasy Football Running back Preview
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2019 Fantasy Football Breakdown: Quarterbacks
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Dog Dayz pt. 2
Show Details49min 43s
Doc not-so Gooden
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Space Drugs
Show Details58min 43s
The Dog Days of Summer
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Out of the Woodland(s)
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Prayers for Big Papi
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The Glue Factory
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BeHappy: ft. MLS player Edward Opoku
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Is instant replay ruining sports?
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A Stark Weekend
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NHL Playoffs, NFL draft and Winterfell
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Best Sunday Ever
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The Masters 2019 Preview
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March Madness 2019
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Free Agent Frenzy (Lauren Conrad - sup?)
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The Return of Cody No-Chin @ UFC 235
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The Mid-February Smorgasbord
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Grammy Talk with JT
Show Details36min 48s
The Brady Bunch (of rings)
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Superbowl 53 Preview
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Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb
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Episode Two - Nick Gray
Show Details47min 19s
Szn 2 Premiere
Show Details1hr 11min
Episode Thirty Five - Mark "Dirty" Sanchez
Show Details59min 58s
Episode 34 - Blake Bortles, the B.O.A.T.
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode Thirty Three - Watt's Wrong with Alex Smith?
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode Thirty Two - Marcus Mari-GOAT-A
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode Thirty One - The Gang Goes Abroad
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Episode Thirty - Boston, MA - Titletown, USA
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Episode Twenty Nine - The 2018 World Series
Show Details46min 33s
Episode Twenty Eight - Tom and Harry take on Vegas
Show Details43min 54s
Episode Twenty Seven - Khabib the Flying Squirrel
Show Details57min 23s
Episode Twenty Six - An Ode to El Tigre
Show Details54min 39s
Episode Twenty Four - Nathan Peterman's Career: A (short) Memoir
Show Details58min 2s
Episode Twenty Three - The 2018 College Football Preview
Show Details59min 58s
Episode Twenty Two - Fantasy football RB: Sleepers, busts, and everything in between.
Show Details51min 34s
Episode Twenty-One : Fantasy Football 2K18 - Quarterback Edition
Show Details42min 49s
Cody No-Chin, the PGA Championship, and the return of the NFL.
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Episode Ninteen - The Open, MLB Contenders & Pretenders, and Baker Mayfield
Show Details41min 47s
HR Derby, ASG and the ESPY's
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Episode Seventeen - Blue Suede Shoes
Show Details49min 28s
Episode Sixteen - NBA Draft 2K18
Show Details52min 56s
Episode Fourteen - Keith Hornsby
Show Details56min 45s
Episode Thirteen - Gardner's Favorite Song
Show Details44min 43s
Episode Twelve - Zach Osborne
Show Details56min 17s
Episode Eleven - An Ode to Jennifer Aniston
Show Details50min 5s
Episode Ten - Draft Day
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Episode Nine - Because It's The Cup
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Episode Eight - The Masters Edition
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Episode Seven - Put me in Coach
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Episode Six - The Big Dance Pt. 2
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