102. When the money journey feels lonely

57m | Feb 21, 2023

This whole financial literacy, credit score raising, real estate investing, changing the generational cycles of spending, and transforming relationships and mindset with money can be a rather lonely journey. Not only that, the lack of education and wise decision-making can result in mistakes that could potentially be harmful or, even, embarrassing. Not only THAT, some people in the world can try to take advantage of that vulnerability by "selling you a course" aka taking your money without long-term education.

In this episode, EmpowerYou Lion's Club member, Damian, shares his honest experience getting coached from Eva, and how her program sets itself apart from the rest of the "credit guys". Not only that, Damian opens up with full transparency and vulnerability what his previous decisions had cost him, and how he's changing the trajectory of his family's generational wealth after switching over to the tried-and-true EmpowerYou program.


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