106. The Financial Freedom Tour!

29m | Mar 21, 2023

The Financial Freedom Tour! | EmpowerYou Financial Podcast [Episode 106]

EmpowerYou Financial's very first conference is around the corner! The Financial Freedom Tour is coming to Stockton, CA this Saturday 3/25/2023! (Shoutouts to the STOCKTONIANS, as Eva would say)

While this one-day conference will include information beyond an appointment with Eva, the VIP Package, especially, includes front row seating, swag bags, lunch provided, 2 Q&A sessions, along with an hour-long credit consultation!

We always share with you how important it is to remain a student and to BE IN ROOMS. Even if it's just one golden nugget taken from an experience, if one golden nugget can change your life, it's definitely a worth-while investment!

From credit scores and building wealth to life insurance and real estate investing, the Financial Freedom Tour is here to help you take something that can be super overwhelming to an understandable and digestible information with compassionate delivery.

GET IN THE ROOM, learn, ask questions, and meet some really amazing people who are on this journey with you.

Get your EMPOWER YOU FINANCIAL CONFERENCE 2023: 'The Financial Freedom Tour' tickets!


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