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Learn English and improve your vocabulary skills by listening to the elllo podcast, which features interviews with people from all over the world.


Episode 29: Dream House (Views 1371)
Show Details10min 22s
Episode 28: Hollywood Movies (Views 1351)
Show Details5min 45s
Episode 27: Best Teacher
Show Details5min 53s
Episode 26: Cost of Living
Show Details5min 57s
Episode 25: Working in Bali
Show Details5min 35s
Episode 24: Sun vs Snow
Show Details5min 33s
Episode 23 - Money and Retirement
Show Details4min 37s
Episode #18 - Evaluating the Euro
Show Details5min 37s
Episode #17 - Local Accents
Show Details5min 13s
Episode #16: Croatian Cuisine
Show Details4min 37s
Episode #15: Southern Style
Show Details4min 40s
Episode #14: North Carolina
Show Details4min 40s
Episode #13 Spanish Cuisine (Views 1273)
Show Details3min 32s
Episode #12 Viewing Habits (Views 1272)
Show Details5min 20s
Episode #11: Nigeria's Big Industry (Views #1271)
Show Details4min 52s
Episode 10: Travels Tips for Pula (Views 1270)
Show Details3min 52s
Episode #9 Sleeping Time (Views 1268)
Show Details3min 27s
Episode #8 Scary Movie
Show Details4min 7s
Episode #7 Trick or Treat (Views #289)
Show Details4min 35s
Episode #6 Music in Nigeria (Views #1261).
Show Details4min 53s
Episode #5 Three Choices (Views #532)
Show Details5min 13s
Views #1258 Greek Vacation
Show Details3min 29s
Episode 3 Education in Spain
Show Details6min 22s
Episode 2: The Prank
Show Details5min 27s
Episode 1: The Shack
Show Details4min 31s