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Elder Scrolls Lorecast: Video Game Lore, ESO, & More

This show is in the top 1% of podcasts globally! The Elder Scrolls universe explained beginning with perfect bite-sized chunks and evolving into a weekly conversation. We start with the basic concepts and dig deeper as the show progresses. From the nature of creation to the "gods" (Aedra & Daedra), races, and history of events. This podcast is the best way to start filling in the blanks of your knowledge about the series. Praised for the high-quality production and Tom's polished and professional presentation, the Lorecast series of shows have been called the "Morning Edition" of video game podcasts. Get awesome rewards & support the show: patreon.com/elderscrollslorecast Watch live! Thursdays @ 9pm ET: youtube.com/c/robotsradio Advertise with us & business inquiries: robotsnetwork@gmail.com


220: The Political History of Morrowind
Show Details1hr 8min
219: CONTENT WARNING - The Wild Hunt
Show Details53min 5s
218: The Green Pact: Approved Cannibalism
Show Details52min 25s
217: Our Scariest Ideas | Oct, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 27min
216: The Falmer
Show Details1hr 1min
215: Vaermina, Daedric Prince Deep Dive
Show Details49min 18s
214: The Elder Scrolls Obsession Explained | Sept, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 1min
213: The Merethic Era (Classic Episode)
Show Details34min 51s
212: Sheogorath, Daedric Prince Deep Dive
Show Details59min 58s
211: Sanguine, Daedric Prince Deep Dive
Show Details59min 19s
210: Peryite: Daedric Prince Deep Dive
Show Details48min 19s
209: The Most Anime Things In Elder Scrolls | Patron Chat Aug, 2022
Show Details55min 38s
208: Quakecon 2022 - Who's the Best Liar?
Show Details54min 3s
207: Nocturnal: Daedric Prince Deep Dive
Show Details1hr 6min
206: Best Powers/Gods (Non Daedric Prince) | Patron Chat July 2022
Show Details1hr 10min
205: Quora.com Answers Elder Scrolls Questions
Show Details27min 13s
204: Namira: Deadric Prince Deep Dive
Show Details1hr 1min
203: Skyrim w/ my Mom 13: Magicky Time Guy
Show Details54min 51s
202: Molag Bal: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details1hr 7min
201: Skyrim w/ my Mom #13: Let's Go to College!
Show Details47min 52s
200: The BEST Legendary Artifact | Patron Chat June, 2022
Show Details57min 35s
199: Meridia: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details1hr 7min
198: Skyrim w/ my Mom #12: Miraak Revealed!
Show Details1hr 3min
197: Wes Johnson Interview, Voice Actor for Sheogorath, Hermaeus Mora
Show Details57min 45s
Bonus! Starfield Gameplay Reveal & the Xbox Bethesda Showcase
Show Details2hr 5min
195: Mephala: Deadric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details59min 8s
194: Skyrim w/ mom Mom #11: Vacation in Solstheim
Show Details1hr 9min
193: Mehrunes Dagon: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details1hr 7min
192: Which School of Magic would YOU Choose?
Show Details1hr 23min
191: Skyrim with my Mom #10: Ghosts, Vampires & Draugr OH MY!
Show Details58min 39s
190: Malacath: Deadric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details52min 47s
189: Jyggalag: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details49min 20s
188: Hircine: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details1hr 20min
187: Skyrim with my Mom #9: "This Esbern Guy is All Right!"
Show Details51min 39s
186: You VS the REAL You in Tamriel April 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 33min
185: The Secret Story of Queen Barenziah & Her 24 Stones
Show Details43min 18s
184: Skyrim with my Mom #8 - "What? I'm a Thalmor, I promise!"
Show Details1hr 2min
183: Which Daedric Prince Would You Mantle? | March 2022, Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 34min
182: Hermaeus Mora: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details1hr 10min
181: Clavicus Vile: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details1hr 9min
180: Boethiah: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details1hr 4min
179: Skyrim with my Mom #7 - "Ah, she's not an innkeeper!"
Show Details57min 52s
178: Azura: Daedric Prince Deeper Dive
Show Details56min 21s
177: The Best Villains in Elder Scrolls: Feb, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 32min
176: Skyrim's Nec-Romantic Incel (NSFW, Trigger Warning)
Show Details50min 40s
175: Skyrim with my Mom #6 - What is a Necromancer?
Show Details49min 6s
174: Miraak, The First Dragonborn
Show Details1hr 6min
173: Skyrim with my Mom #5 - The Old Guys on the Mountain
Show Details57min 2s
172: ESO Companion Lore: Bastian Hallix
Show Details56min 33s
171: High Isle Announcement Reaction - Patron Chat Jan, 2022
Show Details1hr 20min
170: Update & Skyrim With My Mom #4: Dragons Need to be Cuter
Show Details1hr 6min
169: Skyrim With My Mom #3 - So this is a death loop...
Show Details55min 19s
168: ESO Companion Lore: Mirri Elendis
Show Details1hr 3min
167: Skyrim With My Mom #2 - Bleak Falls Barrow
Show Details1hr 6min
166: ESO Teaser Trailer Break Down & Crazy Theory
Show Details1hr 5min
165: Bonus Episode - Skyrim with my Mom
Show Details1hr 32min
164: Elder Scrolls 2021 Review & 2022 Predictions - Dec, 2021 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 19min
163: The People of Skyrim: Maven Black-Briar - The Worst Person in Skyrim?
Show Details54min 47s
162: The People of Skyrim: Aela the Huntress
Show Details46min 59s
161: The People of Skyrim: Calcelmo
Show Details1hr 3min
160: Skyrim: Our Favorite Memories. Patron Chat Nov, 2021
Show Details1hr 9min
159: Skyrim 10 Years & Main Story Recap Part 2
Show Details1hr 9min
158: Skyrim 10 Years & Main Story Recap Part 1
Show Details1hr 14min
157: TES IV: Oblivion Revisited
Show Details1hr 10min
156: (Game - ESO DEADLANDS SPOILER WARNING) Sir Robots: Into the Deadlands!
Show Details54min 43s
155: The Elder Scrolls Most Horrifying Experiences Patron Chat Oct 2021
Show Details1hr 16min
154: The Most Horrifying Monster in Tamriel
Show Details1hr 23min
153: What's going on with The Void?
Show Details1hr 4min
152: "Quest Title OR Obscure Novel?" Quiz Game Patron Chat Sept 2021
Show Details1hr 2min
151: Dragonbreaks 2: Does the Warp in the West Set up TES VI?
Show Details1hr 18min
150: Weird & Wacky: Dragon Breaks
Show Details1hr 7min
149: Weird & Wacky: The DreamSleeve, Soul-Powered Internet?
Show Details1hr 6min
148: Weird & Wacky: What Happened to the Dwemer?
Show Details1hr 23min
147: Elder Scrolls Word Game Patron Episode August 2021
Show Details1hr 10min
146: Quakecon 2021 Lore & Game Quiz Show
Show Details58min 44s
145: Weird & Wacky: M'aiq The Liar
Show Details1hr 14min
144: Weird & Wacky: The Power of the Towers w/ Aramithius
Show Details1hr 13min
143: Weird & Wacky: Did Uriel Septim V Die in Akivir?
Show Details41min 58s
142: Weird & Wacky: Elder Scrolls & Fallout = Same Universe???
Show Details20min 37s
NEW SHOW - Witcher Lorecast: Origin of the Witchers
Show Details1hr 15min
141: Weird & Wacky: C0DA Will Blow Your Mind
Show Details1hr 26min
140: Weird & Wacky: Is Pelinal a Gay Time-Traveling Cyborg?
Show Details1hr 10min
139: The Divines: Mara
Show Details1hr 13min
138: The Divines: Zenithar
Show Details55min 15s
137: The Divines: Stendarr
Show Details1hr 9min
136: The Divines: Kynareth
Show Details56min 6s
135: Who is the Most Evil Race? Monthly Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 9min
134: The Divines: Julianos
Show Details58min 2s
133: All Named Dragons pt 2 w/ Pylawn from UESP
Show Details1hr 6min
132: ESO's Creative Director Rich Lambert: The BLACKWOOD Interview
Show Details1hr 19min
131: Seachaser Teaches Robots Some Things | Monthly Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 19min
130: All of the Named Dragons (Part 1)
Show Details1hr 13min
129: The Divines: Dibella
Show Details1hr 5min
128: The Divines: Arkay
Show Details1hr
127: The Divines: Akatosh / Auri-El / Alkosh
Show Details58min 55s
126: Older Game Experiences Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 11min
125: Evolution: The Weird Games
Show Details1hr 15min
124: The Evolution Part 2
Show Details1hr 10min
123: The Evolution of Elder Scrolls
Show Details1hr 13min
122: Elder Scrolls The Movie w/ Patrons
Show Details1hr 8min
121: The Mystery of Naryu Virian
Show Details50min 42s
120: The Story of Darien Gautier
Show Details1hr 4min
119: Razum-Dar Lore
Show Details56min 40s
118: Gates of Oblivion Reactions - Monthly Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 17min
117: (Game) The Naked Wizard: Locating the Staff of Magnus
Show Details26min 4s
116: Queen Ayrenn of the Aldmeri Dominion
Show Details1hr
115: (Game) The Naked Wizard: The Staff of Magnus
Show Details1hr 2min
114: King Emeric of the Daggerfall Covenant
Show Details50min 37s
113: (Game) The Naked Wizard: Augur of Dunlain
Show Details47min 34s
112: Jorunn, The Skald-King of Skyrim Lore
Show Details48min 14s
111: (GAME) The Naked Wizard: Saarthal
Show Details47min 46s
110: Year-In-Review & New Gates of Oblivion Reveals
Show Details1hr 26min
109: Best ESO Faction w/ Patrons
Show Details1hr 14min
108: The Deadlands - Realm of Mehrunes Dagon
Show Details32min 46s
107: The Oblivion Crisis & Gates of Oblivion + News
Show Details1hr 2min
106: Arkaniir from Tales of Tamriel
Show Details1hr 6min
105: Best Vacation Spots in Tamriel | November 2020 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 13min
104: Elder Scrolls Trivia #1: Are You Smarter Than Twitch Chat?
Show Details24min 2s
103: The Decline of the Morag Tong
Show Details51min 38s
102: The Origins of the Morag Tong
Show Details52min 59s
101: Our Favorite Side Quests | Monthly Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 24min
SNEAK PEAK - Starfield Lorecast EP 1
Show Details1hr 19min
EPISODE 100 SPECIAL w/ Tea The Khajiit & Hyper Pixie
Show Details1hr 16min
99: HallowJack, Lord of Mortal Fears
Show Details1hr 3min
98: Dragon Priests & The Dragon Cult
Show Details1hr 5min
97: Favorite NPC's Monthly Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 41min
96: What you didn't know about Reachmen
Show Details1hr 9min
95: The Reachmen & History of the Reach
Show Details57min 44s
94: Ebonarm & Real World Myth vs Game Lore
Show Details1hr 1min
93: Mods & Add-ons Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 20min
92: The Wacky Lore of TES 1: Arena w/ Lotus of Doom
Show Details59min 7s
UPDATE! Skip to Ep 178 for Deadric Prince Lore
Show Details3min 51s
1: The Creation: The Beginning of Time (Sneak Peak at the old version of the show, now only available to patrons)
Show Details36min 29s
New? Listen to this first! (Where did the first 90 episodes go?)
Show Details5min 33s