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Eh Plus Podcast

A Look at a different Canadian TV Series, Film, or Talent each episode.


010 - Top Canadian Films 2000s (Feat. John H Foote)
Show Details23min 34s
009 - Little Mosque on the Prairie (Feat. Zarqa Nawaz)
Show Details37min 50s
008 - Top 5 Fav Can Films: 90's Edition
Show Details34min 24s
007 - Video and Arcade Top 10 Feat. Nicholas Picholas
Show Details30min 58s
006 - Top 5 Fav Can Film's: The 80's (with John H. Foote)
Show Details32min 46s
005 - Baroness Von Sketch Show (Feat. Aurora Browne)
Show Details1hr 6min
004 - Peter Keleghan
Show Details1hr 22min
003 - What Would Sal Do? (Feat. Andrew DeAngelis)
Show Details35min 30s
002 - Zack Ward
Show Details51min 18s
001 - The Red Green Show (Feat. Pat McKenna and Rick Green)
Show Details1hr 12min