The Aaron Parsons Project Podcast

Writer and Podcaster Aaron Parsons known as Double A Ron/A-Ron from OC Remix & VGMix, hosts a weekly podcast called The Aaron Parsons Project documenting his journey through personal development reading, mental health, and spirituality. His mission is to promote lightweight personal development, so everyone can embrace life, healing, and hope. For more information visit


Alternative Self-Help Gifts for the Holidays
Show Details9min 59s
Self-Improvement Regrets
Show Details7min 20s
The Negative Experience of Toxic Positivity
Show Details10min 22s
The Right Fight
Show Details15min 44s
Podcast Pivot
Show Details3min 1s
I Almost Became One of "Them"
Show Details20min 31s
Progress Is The New Normal
Show Details8min 42s
Did Self-Help Always Revolve Around "The Self?"
Show Details6min 37s
The Great Reset (Sorry…The Good Reset)
Show Details16min 1s
Passion VS Oppurtunity (While Drowning In Cream)
Show Details8min 13s
That Woke Podcast Episode...
Show Details13min 56s
Excellence > Perfection
Show Details10min 52s
Being Present > Being Enthusiastic
Show Details8min 1s
Faith, Mantras, Success, The Secret, and Other Stuff
Show Details17min 18s
Before We Live Again: Intro Chapter Reading
Show Details10min 7s
Outrage, Values, and Waking Up (Re-Release)
Show Details15min 31s
Suffering is Required (Re-Release)
Show Details14min 15s
Kenny The Heroic Christian Warrior (Re-Release)
Show Details14min 20s
Update: June 22nd
Show Details7min 53s
Aaron Parsons Project Ep #9: A Big Lie #4: I Can Fix Emotions
Show Details7min 16s
Aaron Parsons Project Ep #8: A Big Lie #3: I Can Be All Things To All People
Show Details10min 58s
Aaron Parsons Project Ep #7: A Big Lie #2: Real Men Do Not Show Emotions
Show Details12min 14s
Aaron Parsons Project Ep #6: A Big Lie #1: Marginalized Individuals Can Motivate The Privileged
Show Details14min 12s
Life Isn't Fair (Observing Fairness in Opportunity and Outcome)
Show Details11min 20s
The Evils of Infantilization
Show Details15min 4s
A Fallacy in the Argument of "Taking Responsibility"
Show Details12min 35s
What The Church MUST KNOW about Autism
Show Details26min 53s
Damages of Purity Culture and the True Love Waits Movement Re-Recoreded
Show Details9min 21s
Why Jesus Rose From The Dead
Show Details12min 34s
Bad Friday!
Show Details18min 40s
Aaron Parsons Project Ep #5: The Art of Saying No
Show Details15min 16s
Life With Aaron #2: An alternative to Angry Politics
Show Details17min 2s
Aaron Parsons Project Ep #4: Outrage, Values, and Waking Up
Show Details21min 24s
A Mundane Lesson in a Worldwide Pandemic
Show Details13min 9s
Life With Aaron #1: The Day That Normal Died
Show Details18min 15s
Aaron Parsons Project Ep 3: Suffering is a Thing
Show Details17min 35s
Aaron Parsons Project Ep 2: Who's Right and Who's Wrong? Is That Important?
Show Details13min 47s
Aaron Parsons Project Ep 1: Christian Priorities
Show Details11min 6s
Is Loving Yourself Selfish? (Happy Love Day!)
Show Details8min 30s
The Heroic Christian Warrior
Show Details13min 20s