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Thinking of going on a big adventure? Want to travel the world? John Horsfall speaks to Adventurers and Explorers from all over the world. From Everest Climbers to Polar Explorers, World Record Holder and more. These Adventurers talk about their expeditions and intimate stories of their travels. We dive in deep to get an understanding about what drives these people to push the limits of human possibilities and surviving in the harshest of environments. Tune in each week and join Adventure Athlete John Horsfall for a weekly show about what is the meaning of adventure travel and where to go on you next travel adventure.

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EP.014: Lucy Rivers Bulkeley (Adventurer) The first European woman to complete the 4 Desert Grand Slam (250km self supported across the Atacama, Gobi, Sahara and Antarctica)
Show Details43min 2s
EP.013: Jenny Wordsworth (Polar Explorer) Skied 700 miles Solo from the coastline of Antarctica to the South Pole
Show Details55min 29s
EP.012: George Bullard (Explorer) Kayaking Greenland to Scotland
Show Details1hr 19min
EP.011: Andrea Mason (Endurance Athlete) Sea to Summit - Swimming the English Channel to Climbing Mount Blanc
Show Details1hr 3min
EP.010: Ray Zahab (Explorer & Ultra Runner) Running 17,000+km across the World's Deserts
Show Details53min 23s
EP.009: Emily Scott (Adventure Athlete) Tackling 282 Munros Solo and Self-Supported
Show Details56min 8s
EP.008: Chaz Powell (Adventurer & Explorer) 3000km from source to sea along the Zambezi River
Show Details45min 39s
EP.007: Anna Blackwell (Adventurer & Photographer) Kayaking 4000km from London to the Black Sea
Show Details48min 59s
EP.006: Ash Bhardwaj (Travel-writer & Storyteller) 8500 km Overland from the top of Norway to Romania
Show Details45min 23s
EP.005: Jamie Ramsay (Adventurer & Endurance Athlete) 17,000km Running from Canada to Argentina
Show Details52min 7s
EP.004: Geordie Stewart (Explorer & Author) Youngest Briton to climb the Seven Summits
Show Details1hr 12min
EP.003: Jenny Tough (Adventurer & Writer) Running the Mountains of the World
Show Details43min 5s
EP.002: James Gwinnett (Endurance Runner) Broken Neck to Ultra Runner
Show Details47min 12s
EP.001: Charlie Walker (Explorer & Author) Four Years Cycling around the World
Show Details42min 17s
The Modern Adventurer Podcast Trailer
Show Details1min 40s
Introducing The Modern Adventurer Podcast
Show Details1min 30s