Just Another Excuse

In January of 2021, Bart Peluso started a comedy podcast. By April, he was the subject of a nationwide manhunt involving Muppets, Mormons, and the entire FBI. How could a podcast go so wrong?! Experience this outrageous story told over multiple hilarious chapters by streaming “Just Another Excuse” on both Spotify & Apple Podcasts today!


Saved By The LAPD
Show Details14min 29s
Down The Rabbit Hole
Show Details2min 31s
Bart Loses His Job
Show Details7min
Operation Jehovah Goes Live
Show Details10min 7s
Satan Most Likely Procrastinates
Show Details9min 12s
The Lone Star Sellout
Show Details10min 8s
Goodfellas But With Muppets
Show Details9min 51s
Mickey Mouse Trap House
Show Details10min 49s
Nuggets Made By God
Show Details14min 39s