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Her EnterpRISE with Nicole Santiago, Kelly Pahman and Melissa Neacato

The ladies from Her EnterpRise, are a women’s collective of knowledge, inspiration and connection. We are changemakers! This is a podcast for the whole person, it is for you and for your business. On this podcast you’ll hear a mix of interviews, Topic discussions and experience the power of mastermining’. Lets grow, lets flourish, lets RiSE with Her Enterprise Are you ready to be a changemaker, hit subscribe.


023 Season 2 review!
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We went Live on IG @herenterprise to record our Season 2 end review!

Join us as we review what we loved about our second season and how we are doing after our individual mastermind and answer listener questions!

We will be taking a pause after this episode and seeking ways to monetize our efforts- Let us know how you have enjoyed the show @herenterprise or herenterprisewomen@gmail.com

Visit us at www.her-enterprise.com

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37min 52s
Published Feb 16, 2021 at 8:08am
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