Free Will Week 2

2h 9m | Jun 9, 2024

🌟 Before we begin, a special highlight: Dive into the transformative world of "Re-Segregation: Volume I: The Power Matrix. A Masterplan for Black Group Economics and Wealth Creation" by Antonio T. Smith Jr. This pivotal book is a call to action for economic empowerment and wealth creation in the Black community.

🔑 Why This Book?

It offers an innovative and strategic blueprint for overcoming systemic economic disparities.

Focuses on empowering Black communities to take control in sectors such as Economics, Finance, Data Information, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Communications, and Human Resources.

Provides practical insights on embracing technological advancements and establishing Black-owned enterprises.

🚀 What You'll Discover:

Strategies for establishing Black-owned banks and fostering financial literacy.

The importance of Black representation in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

A comprehensive guide to building economic resilience and autonomy.

📚 Get Your Copy:

Welcome to “Law of Attraction Teachings with Antonio T Smith Jr.,” a transformative journey towards self-realization and universal harmony. Join us as we explore the profound teachings of Antonio T Smith Jr., which revolve around aligning with Infinite Intelligence and embracing the inherent perfection in all things.


Core Teachings:

Antonio T Smith Jr. guides us to bend our paths by accessing the power of Infinite Intelligence, urging us to recognize that “Everything Is Perfect.” This perception shift is the key to transforming our experiences and interactions, leading us to a deeper understanding of life and its events.


Key Principles:


1.The Power of Perception: Understand how our viewpoint shapes our reality.

2.The Nature of Infinite Intelligence: Learn to align with the universe’s ultimate wisdom.

3.Embracing ‘Perfection’: Grasp the true meaning behind the concept of everything being perfect.

4.Non-Correction as Acceptance: Discover the peace in refraining from correcting others.

5.Benefits of This Approach: Explore the reduction in stress, improved relationships, and personal growth that comes with acceptance.


Philosophical Insights:

Dive into the philosophical dimensions of Antonio’s teachings, which encourage a shift in perspective that can lead to deeper peace, understanding, and alignment with a grand, universal design. This includes exploring concepts like relativism vs. absolutism, temporal vs. eternal perspectives, and the balance between free will and determinism.


Spiritual Dimensions:

Explore the spiritual aspects of Antonio’s teachings, including ego transcendence, unconditional love and acceptance, surrender to the divine flow, interconnectedness, the power of the present moment, and the inner journey of self-awareness.


A Scholastic Exploration:

This section delves into the academic exploration of Antonio’s teachings, discussing the confluence of ancient wisdom and contemporary thought. It includes a comprehensive breakdown of chapters that explore various aspects of his philosophy, from metaphysical foundations to the spiritual echoes in his doctrines.


Philosophical Formula:

“Recognize the Inherent Perfection in the Seemingly Imperfect.” This encapsulates the essence of Smith Jr’s teachings, urging us to see the perfection in all aspects of the universe.


Mathematical Formula for Life’s Focus:


Focus = 0.05T

Contrast = .95T


Where T represents the total experiences of one’s life, this formula emphasizes focusing on the 5% that aligns with one’s divine purpose, using the remaining 95% as a contrast to highlight the importance of this alignment.


Join us in each episode as we embark on this enlightening journey with Antonio T Smith Jr., exploring and embracing perfection in the universe and within ourselves.


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