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The Finale.
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#28 – Nice and chill.
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#27 – Everybody's getting canceled.
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#26 – A message of hope.
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#25 – In the bunker.
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#24 – Depresh.
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#23 – Anybody out there?
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#22 – Humanity at it's best
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#21 – What is your purpose?
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#20 – Celebrate your victories.
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#19 – What do you stand for?
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#18 – Making friends is awkward, ya know?
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#17 – Appreciate what you have.
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#16 – Why comedy is so important right now.
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#15 – Like a fucking sardine in a can.
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#14 – Askholes & The beauty of 7/11 coffee.
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#13 – Marriage, am I right?
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#12 – Stop chasing people.
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#11 – Have a plan, do the work.
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BONUS: Special News Bulletin from yours truly.
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#10 – Maybe quitting ain't so bad?
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#9 – The lies we tell ourselves
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#8 – Positivity > Negativity
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#7 – People who don't plan, WTF.
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