Full Ep16: HVAC dudes Nate Adams & Alexander Gard-Murray

Season 7 | Episode 16
39m | Nov 28, 2023

We are back after a quick break for the Thanksgiving holiday and temperatures are dropping everywhere as winter is quickly approaching. You won't find two dudes as passionate about HVAC and specifically heat pumps as entrepreneurs Nate Adams and Alexander Gard-Murray.

Nate and Alexander joined our host Chelsea Henderson for a fun and lively convo this week about why heat pumps are more optimal for a home instead of a gas-powered furnace, heat pumps' increased efficiency/benefits and how heat pumps save consumers in costs versus gas furnaces. Finally, they share more about the Cooler Act that they've been working on with federal legislators.

In short, Nate and Alexander help make heat pumps sexy! So catch this incredibly informative episode and learn what options you have to save on heating costs this winter.

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