Competing for the Gold in Innovation | Kit Burton, Director of Marketing at KT Tape & Jeremy Newns, Director of Product Development and Research

Season 2 | Episode 7
37m | Aug 18, 2022

Podcast Summary

In this episode, Kit Burton, Director of Marketing, and Jeremy Newns, Director of Product Development and Research, share their perspectives of innovation at KT Tape. Hear how KT Tape develops products for performance and recovery directly with athletes. Kit and Jeremy also describe the impact of COVID to KT Tape’s sales and how they were able to come out on top with ecommerce. They also share innovation tips and leadership principles, which includes finding inspiration from other categories and applying it to your own products.

Episode Outline

[00:51] About KT Tape

[02:34] How KT Tape works

[05:19] Introduction to Kit

[09:06] Introduction to Jeremy

[11:47] More than just tape

[15:33] Trust with customers

[16:29] Approach to develop new products

[20:32] Impact of COVID to ecommerce

[25:13] The beginning of the tape

[28:18] Innovation tips

[30:50] What brands need to succeed

[33:24] Leadership principles

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