A New Type of Candy Bar | Nick Greer, Co-Founder & CEO at Built Brands

Season 1 | Episode 15
37m | Apr 27, 2022

Podcast Summary

In this conversation with Nick Greer, co-founder and CEO at Built Brands, he talks about growth, challenges, and opportunities in building a business. You’ll hear stories of failure from Nick’s background, and you’ll learn why you shouldn’t stop when things get hard. Nick also highlights how he uses data to learn, while depending on others for success. He shares his thoughts on going against the status norm and shows how Built’s mission is bringing good for people all around the world. After listening, you will be inspired to go cheer for your co-workers and bring light to others.

Episode Outline

[00:50] About

[01:58] Nick’s background

[05:01] Power of insourcing and outsourcing

[07:09] Recognizing opportunities

[10:20] Why you shouldn't stop

[13:45] Advice for growth

[16:31] Partnerships

[18:21] Continuing innovation

[21:11] Entrepreneur vs “want-repreneur”

[23:30] Dealing with challenges

[24:52] Misconceptions

[26:20] Mission of Built Brands

[30:35] Surrounding yourself with family

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