The Uber of the Shipping and Delivery Industry | Manish Chowdhary, Founder and CEO at Cahoot

Season 2 | Episode 10
36m | Oct 13, 2022

Podcast Summary

In this episode, Manish Chowdhary, Founder and CEO at Cahoot, explains what peer-to-peer fulfillment is and the role Cahoot plays in the shipping industry. Manish also shares the various challenges for companies to get products to customers and possible solutions. He provides examples of how software has helped companies become more efficient in shipping and how Amazon is currently growing.

Episode Outline

[01:30] Peer-to-peer fulfillment

[03:29] How Manish got started

[08:57] Challenges of getting products to customers

[14:10] Using software to become more efficient

[17:23] Warehouses with Cahoot

[18:51] Amazon’s scramble to build more warehouses

[21:29] Changes in delivery networks

[24:50] The Horrible Idea

[28:55] Advice to help with B2C

[32:57] Leadership principle

[35:01] Learn more

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