Innovation in Shipping | Colton Burgon | VP of Channel Sales at eHub

Season 2 | Episode 12
36m | Nov 17, 2022

Podcast Summary

In this episode, Colton Burgon, VP of Channel Sales at eHub, shares about eHub and how Colton’s team is innovative in the technology space. Listen to Colton explain how eHub optimizes shipping, helps companies scale, and provides value to all of its customers. Colton provides tips to becoming innovative, and he shares meaningful examples.r

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Episode Outline

[00:29] Introduction

[00:59] Introduction to Colton and eHub

[07:03] Expanding

[9:35] Dollars follow value

[10:10] eHub miminums

[15:02] Transitioning to VP of Sales

[16:51] Finding innovation

[20:52] Story of eHub

[27:13] What brands need to do

[30:31] Maintaining an innovative culture

[33:30] Leadership principle

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