Gaining From Back Pain | Brian Nielson, VP of Product at Chirp

Season 1 | Episode 14
47m | Apr 13, 2022

Podcast Summary 

In this conversation with Brian Nielson, VP of Product at Chirp, he talks about innovation and marketing. Today, you’ll hear about Brian’s journey to his current role at Chirp, the evolution of the company from Plexus, how Brian’s background has come into play in his current role, the Shark Tank experience, getting social proof validation, how Chirp deals with the Amazon effect, Brian’s shift from marketing to product, and the importance of surrounding yourself with a good team.

Throughout his career, Brian has been pushing the standard way of doing things. He believes strongly in the concept of design thinking. Prior to joining Chirp, he served various roles at WCF Insurance, BYU-Idaho, and Quicksilver. Brian holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing from Brigham Young University, Idaho.

Episode Outline 

[00:49] About Brian and Chirp

[01:55] Brian’s background

[04:29] Brian’s intersection of finance and marketing

[13:22] Evolution of the brand from Plexus to Chirp

[19:20] How Brian’s background came into play

[25:10] Chirp and Shark Tank

[32:33] Social proof validation

[34:50] Dealing with the Amazon effect

[40:20] Migrating from marketing to product

[46:05] The importance of the team

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