Drink, Breathe, Bathe, and Flush | Parker Benthin, Vice President of Sales at Brondell Inc.

Season 2 | Episode 3
29m | Jun 23, 2022

Podcast Summary

In this conversation, Parker Benthin, VP of Sales at Brondell Inc., shares some of Brondell’s strategies around its “drink, breathe, bathe, and flush” products. Listen to an interesting founding story, learn how to use the internet to your advantage, and laugh as you hear how the crazy toilet paper shortage created more business for Brondell. You will also hear Parker’s perspective on curiosity and the shoulder-to-shoulder principle. 

Episode Outline

[00:29] Introduction to Parker

[02:21] About Brondell Inc.

[03:47] Founding Story

[06:12] Innovation from the Entrepreneurial Mindset

[08:39] Awareness Effects on Brondell’s Products

[10:48] Innovations that Propelled Brondell Forward

[14:36] Accelerating Online Success

[17:45] Distribution Spectrum and Strategy

[20:42] Building out-of-the-box Ideas

[23:39] Curiosity Wins

[25:32] The Shoulder-to-shoulder Principle

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