Designing a New Ecommerce Space | Jaime Derringer, Founder at Design Milk and Head of Community at Tonic

Season 2 | Episode 11
39m | Oct 27, 2022

Podcast Summary

In this episode, Jaime Derringer, Founder at Design Milk and current Head of Community at Tonic, shares her story about doing the impossible. Listen to how Jaime pushed beyond the norm to connect design, blogging, and ecommerce. Jaime also explains how to stay true to your brand, how to define innovation, and how to create meaningful relationships. Learn more about Jaime and Design Milk now.

Episode Outline

[00:37] Intro to Jaime

[01:15] The Magical Unicorn

[02:22] How Jaime defines innovation

[04:15] About Design Milk

[05:02] Innovation from Design Milk

[07:53] Staying True to Design Milk’s Brand

[10:16] Expanding to Ecommerce

[10:36] Transitioning

[13:48] Become an Industry Leader

[17:12] How it came together

 [19:32] Creating a buzz

[20:35] What’s next for Jaime

[22:02] Book recommendations

[23:19] Surrounding yourself with people

[26:38] Tips for parents

[31:26] Leadership principle

[33:40] Creating an “ecommerce arm”

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