The World-renowned Stanley Tumbler | Matt Navarro, Global Vice President, Stanley at PMI Worldwide

Season 2 | Episode 14
45m | Dec 29, 2022

Podcast Summary

In this episode, Matt Navarro, Global Vice President for Stanley at PMI Worldwide, shares his insights to achieve viral success. Hear how Stanley listens to the consumer and transforms online retail, to maintain category leadership. Matt also explains the transformation of Stanley from outdoor to outside, and his professional transition from retail to digital in his career.

Episode Outline

[00:44] Introduction to Matt Navarro and Stanley

[02:46] Putting Stanley into context

[04:04] Why are products flying off the shelves?

[07:32] Matt’s journey to innovation

[16:37] Transition from traditional retail to digital

[25:40] Culture and remote work

[30:09] Ecommerce and the digital age

[33:45] Becoming a category leader

[37:01] How to understand the customer

[41:27] Most important leadership principle

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