Think Outside and Inside the (Shipping) Box | Ken Muir, CEO at BUKU Ship

Season 2 | Episode 6
31m | Aug 4, 2022

Podcast Summary

In this episode, Ken Muir, CEO of BUKU Ship, dives into his point of view of how brands “win” in the current economy. As a former and current CEO, Ken shares his executive leadership experience advice to build relationships with everyone you work with–including warehouse employees, carriers, etc. Ken shares more advice, including the importance of understanding your customer pain points, the importance of building trust with your team, and the importance of being yourself. Listen to more of his experience and advice in this episode.

Episode Outline

[00:30] Introduction to BUKU Ship

[02:17] About Ken

[04:08] CEO, Then vs. Now

[07:38] Innovation: fulfillment and logistics

[10:00] Routes to market

[12:32] Domestic and international landscape

[15:28] Innovation on the customer side

[19:24] Thinking outside (and inside) the box

[23:10] How a brand wins

[26:11] Be yourself

[29:20] Conclusion

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