Ecommerce is Not “One Size Fits All” | Kiril Kirilov, Co-Founder & CEO of Rush

Season 2 | Episode 2
25m | May 25, 2022

Podcast Summary 

In this conversation with Kiril Kirilov, co-founder and CEO of Rush, we hear his perspective on ecommerce, all the way from Bulgaria. Kiril explains the background of his company and how he is currently solving problems in the post-purchase experience. He shares his story of starting as a competitive runner, getting in an accident, and– in the end–creating his own business. You’ll also hear Kiril talk about fascinating customer behaviors and data, which helps in predicting other customer purchases. Listen to this episode to hear Kiril’s advice on how to grow your ecommerce.

Episode Outline

[00:31] About Kiril and Rush

[01:45] Rush: Solving for the Post-Purchase Experience

[3:23] Kiril’s Unique Journey

[06:22] Running and Competitive Nature

[08:54] Data Collection Through Orders

[11:48] Adapting Based on Customers and Data

[13:46] Structure of Rush

[15:27] Impact of the Ukraine Crisis

[19:26] Advice for Founders to Grow Ecommerce

[22:48] What Brands Need to Focus on Right Now

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