TS3 EP #4 Caught In The Act Part 2

Season 3 | Episode 4
1h 12m | Apr 16, 2021

Anna manages to get herself kidnapped; Melvyn manages to show The Shade that capes aren't all they're cracked up to be; The Shade manages to end up in the sewer yet again; Wednesday manages to somehow not throttle Melvyn.

Written by: Andrew Pond* and Kaeley Osterman*

Directed By: Andrew Pond*

Featuring the Voice Talents of: Jessica Lauren Fisher*, Daniel Houle*, Serina Johnston*, Noelle Klyce, Kaeley Osterman*, Andrew Pond*, Rachael Proulx*, Monica Szaflik, and Julian Serna*

Foley Artist: Lori Eyre*

*Denotes EFCT Company Member

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