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Eclectic Full Contact Theatre's Throwing Shade

Chicago, 1934

In a city rife with crime and corruption, a hero emerges. The Shade, who rushes in where fools fear to tread...with predictable results. Luckily for Chicago, there’s the Vamp, female crimefighter replete with all the skill and talent the Shade lacks. Can the Shade save Chicago from crime? Can the Vamp save The Shade from himself?

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre presents Throwing Shade, the 1930’s radio satire you’ve been dying for. Uploading every Wednesday on all your favorite podcast sites! 

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 Throwing Shade—the hero this city....never really asked for...


TS3 EP #12 We Haberdasher Intrigue! Part 2
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TS3 EP #11 We Haberdasher Intrigue
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TS3 EP #10 We Never MetaEpisode We Didn't Like! Part 2
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TS3 EP#9 We Never MetaEpisode We Didn't Like! Part 1
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TS3 EP #8 The Wurst of Times, Part 2
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TS3 EP #7 The Wurst of Times
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TS3 EP #6 Strange Bedfellows Part 2
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TS3 EP#5 Strange Bedfellows, Part 1
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TS3 EP #4 Caught In The Act Part 2
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TS3 EP #1 For Shame!
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TS3 Ep#3 Caught In the Act!
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TS3 EP #2 For Shame! Part 2
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The Cast Throws Shade
Show Details47min 49s
The cast Throws Shade!
Show Details47min 49s
Throwing Shade's cast speaks!
Show Details25min 25s
The Best of Rachael Proulx!
Show Details4min 39s
The Best of Clemmons, Crane, and More!
Show Details18min 2s
The Best of the Tallys!
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The Best of Wednesday Morning/The Vamp!
Show Details13min 57s
And now a Word from Our Sponsor
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Seas 2 Ep 6--Rules of Engagement Part 2
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Seas 2 Ep 6--Rules of Engagement Part 1
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Seas 2 Ep 5--Cannoli's Caper Part 2
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Seas 2 Ep 5 Cannoli's Caper--Part 1
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Seas 2 Ep 4--Father Time, Part 2
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Seas 2 ep 4--Father Time, part 1
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Golda's Chanukah Chootenanny
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Season 2 Ep 3 Over Exposure Part 2
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Season 2 Ep 3 OverExposure Part 1
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Seas 2 Ep 2 A Hero's Just a Sandwich--Part 2
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Season 2 ep 2 A Hero's Just A Sandwich Part 1
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Season 2 ep 1 Pulling the Apron String Part 2
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Pulling the Apron Strings--Part 1
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Shade pop culture minisode!
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The Extra Jolly SHade and Vamp CHristmas Special!
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Moyor May Not--Part 2
Show Details44min 36s
Mayor May Not--Part 1
Show Details51min 6s
The Vamp's Final Tally--Part 2
Show Details45min 40s
The Vamp's Final Tally--Part 1
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Russian Dressing--Part 2
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Russian Dressing--Part 1
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Ghost of a CHance--Part 2
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Ghost of a Chance--Part 1
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Fuelin' Good--Part 2
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Fuelin' Good Part 1
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Season 1 ep 1 Getting Misty Part 2
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Season 1 ep 1 Getting Misty Part 1
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Eclectic Full Contact Theatre's Throwing Shade Teaser II
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Eclectic Full Contact Theatre's Throwing Shade Teaser!
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