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Graduated into a global pandemic in May 2020 & launched my very own podcast as a result of it! I have real conversations from all things mental health, to my own experiences as an Asian American, to entrepreneurship. You name it, and I'll probably get around to talking about it. This is my passion project, and I hope you enjoy! Make sure to check me out on Instagram @lyssa.roaq & @lyssaslifepodcast


A talk about anti Asian hate.
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Surviving Toxic Work Environments From Hell
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How Catholic School Failed Girls
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Asian Women Who Boss Up Ft. Entrepreneur & Author Sheena Yap Chan
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I had the pleasure of interviewing a boss Asian woman, Sheena Yap Chan. She is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, confidence coach, founder of her podcast The Tao of Self Confidence, & author of her new book entitled Asian Women Who Boss Up. We talk about what it takes to become successful, which entails challenges and self confidence struggles.

Check her out!

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50min 26s
Published Feb 8, 2021 at 3:48am
Never Take No For an Answer ft. CEO & Founder of Magic Cup Co.
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Growing up Asian American
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2020 is over but not the pandemic
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So.. I've been seeing a therapist
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A Nurse on the Front Lines
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All Things Mental Health!
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